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Mid Tier Players at mLife?

Last edit: HSVJoe on Wednesday, 15th June 2016 10:52 am
Last response by Hyperfocal 17th June 10:00pm

My wife and I are going to Vegas at the end of the month. We have 5 nights comped at Caesar's. She just plays slot machines ($0.01 to $5.00 machines). I play craps and machines. In a typical day, she cycles between $12,500 and $25,000 through a machine. I typically only cycle $5000 through a machine per day since I also play craps. We both get nice offers from CET. However, we are looking to possibly move to mLife or split the time. Would it be worth moving to mLife. Do they have anything similar to the Diamond Lounges at CET properties?

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 pkluvsvegas responded on Thursday, 16th June 2016

While MLife does have VIP lounges they are generally restricted to Noir guests or players that are coded by their hosts. The exceptions, I believe are Monte Carlo which is Gold or above and has free water, and wine around 4PM (though considering how crappy MC has become they probably took the 2 buck chuck away. Luxor, NYNY, and Excalibur which I think are Platinum, though I could be wrong.

You can gain access to the MGM VIP lounge by staying in a Skyloft or the Mansion. The Bellagio (real) VIP lounge by staying in a Presidential/Chairman Suite, or Villa.

Aria's Sky Suite lounge doubles as a VIP lounge.

Mirage's can be accessed by Penthouse, Lanai, Villa guests.

 Hyperfocal responded on Friday, 17th June 2016

Aria has two lounges that I know of, but both are for guests in certain suites.

The older one is the Sky Suite lounge, which has been around since they built the place. Haven't been there for obvious reasons...

The new one is the Tower Suites lounge, which is for guests staying in the standard suites, i.e. Corner Suites and Center Suites. It is right off the casino floor, close to the check in desk. It's nice, with private check in desk, several seating areas, free coffee, espresso, soft drinks (Coke products, water, juice), nice coffee cake and croissants in the morning, cookies and some fruit the rest of the day.

...but it's not really like a Diamond lounge, since all you need to do is book the right suite.