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Betting 500-2k BJ. What kind of comps?

Last edit: Rainman444 on Sunday, 12th June 2016 7:07 am
Last response by Malibugolfer 13th June 12:18pm


The title says it all pretty much. I have been staying at be rio the past few days and have been playing BJ many hours betting minimum 500 mostly and sometimes betting 1k up to 2k. I have had 3 different hosts approach me and ask if I needed food or to call them if I was hungry?

I didn't really didn't think it through but what can I expect in terms of comps at this level of bets? Can I get my room I'm staying at comped? Free massages at the spa? Just wanted to get a general idea since I'm new to all this.


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 donnymac66 responded on Sunday, 12th June 2016

For that action at Rio you should now own it!

Seriously it also depends on the hours of play but I would expect them to comp you room and food for sure. Make sure you charge everything to your room and present your Total Rewards card every time you play.

 VegasBound13 responded on Sunday, 12th June 2016

At those bets, you should get everything you've charged to your room comped as well as your room/suite. I'm not sure about Wynn/Encore, but I play 320-1280 across in craps and 200-1000 per hand in BJ and have never had to pay for anything at MLife or Caesars properties.

I'd recommend getting to know one of the hosts, because the big payoff will be when you come back. By calling that host and asking them what they can do for you on your next trip, you'll be surprised at what they'll offer. I'm checking into Bellagio today and my host gave me a 2 BR penthouse suite for 5 nights along with $1200 in resort credit. I had similar offer at Aria, though the resort credit was lower.

Hope this helps

 fudgewapner responded on Monday, 13th June 2016

Unless you have some sort of attachment to the Rio, I would leave it entirely because let's be honest it's a dump, and instead stay at Wynn, Cosmo, or Aria. Rio would likely comp rooms at $50 per hand or even less.

At your level (assuming you play more than 3-4 hours a day), you'll get room/suites comps, food, bev, limo to airport - quite a bit. Especially if you do a number of $1k and plus bets - those garner a lot of interest, even for a low house edge game like BJ. If you play 6-10 hours a day, you're talking a lot of money / theoretical loss.

I would contact a host at one of the above properties, share your avg. bet and history, and see what they can do on the front end (meaning agreeing to certain comps before the trip). They might not comp off everything on the front without knowing your history for certain, but on the back end (meaning on your last day of stay before check out) I would suspect a lot of charges would be removed. And future stays (assuming you play at the same level) would be good on the front end. Remember at this level the hosts should be hustling for your business, you're not a whale by any means, but still a very attractive player. I'd setup relationships with hosts at different properties.

 Malibugolfer responded on Monday, 13th June 2016

You left a lot on the table. Get a host. Your prior trip is now gone but they should take care of you coming back.
Ask the host to tell you what they had you rated at for that visit.
Then ask him/her what the theoretical was.
At those same bet levels they should comp you at mimimum 25%, more like 30%, of your theo. Then you'll have a dollar value of your play value.
Unless you totally did a bunch of very short session hit and runs you should have accumulated enough for full RFB at any Caesars property.
Most CET hosts can help you at another CET prop. Forget Rio.