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The Wynn losing it's glare ?

Last edit: justroll on Sunday, 15th May 2016 3:58 am
Last response by justroll 20th May 12:18pm


We stayed 3 years in a row at The Wynn, never had a complaint about the room, and liked the atmosphere. Now we are planning our next trip for 20th-27th june. We always travel around the same time, and always make our bookings at the same time. We are low-rollers, so comped rooms are def. out of option. What we noticed is that the prices surged since last year. We payed last year around 1350 USD (ex tax/ex resort) for 7 days in double panoramic view room. Prices seem to have raised around 2250 USD (ex tax/ex resort), what upsets me the most are the review that I'm reading on tripadvisor; main complaints seem to be about tidyness, service, extra charges for Wifi (I though this is covered in the resortfee).

Any idea on this, should i start looking out for a other property ?



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 anawas responded on Sunday, 15th May 2016

That seems like about a 60-65 percent increase in the room rate. Ouch.

Not sure if there's a major convention nearby that is driving this year's rate higher, or just confidence by Vegas operators that an improved economy can sustain higher rates.

Either way, I wonder if anyone else reading this has an unused discount code that they're willing to share.

If you're willing to make two reservations back-to-back, Wynn has a 25% off discount code for some days of your stay, but you'd have to pay the higher price for other days.

If that doesn't work for you, check the rates at Cosmopolitan or book an upgraded room at a lesser resort, such as the T.I.'s Tower or Executive suites.

 justroll replied on Sunday, 15th May 2016


I was already using the 15% wynn insider rate, even trying to combine 25% and 15% for blocked out dates don't get me any closer.

The best rate i found till know is via 3rd party, I think the best way to get the room that I want without paying for it the full monty is to try/use the "Wynn Rate promise", stating that they will match the price + upgrade you to a room (if possible). So that would make a Double Resort room upgradable to a pano room, quoting the 3rd party the price 2025 USD (compared to the roomrate 2106 USD). So if they go for it .. that would be saving (if upgraded) to about 250 USD price difference. Again, IF i'm being upgraded that is, otherwise I got an advantage of about 80 Bucks, which isn't that wow if the upgrade doesn't work out.

 JerseyVegasGuy responded on Sunday, 15th May 2016

Long time visitor to the board, first post. Felt compelled to give my opinion on a trick that may work.

Those rates for the Wynn seem high, but if you are looking to stay somewhere arguably equally nice (and it's my favorite strip property) you can likely get a great deal at Palazzo or Venetian through Priceline express deals (ditto Hotwire).

I checked your dates from above and you can get a 5 star hotel with casino on the north strip for $1289 before hotel fees. Once the fees are applied at hotel, you are looking at $1540 all in.

The caveat is you will not know which hotel you are getting until you pay and you cannot cancel. The perfect thing is you can know for sure that for this price you are either getting Wynn, Encore, Venetian, or Palazzo... as these are the only 5 star north end casinos in their system. Make sure you choose the option WITH casino, otherwise you'll get Trump.

I have been to Vegas ten times now and stayed at multiple different properties, but my last two trips were booked this way and I was fortunate enough to get Palazzo each time. Worst case you're "stuck" with Venetian.

Food for thought.

 justroll replied on Sunday, 15th May 2016


call me autistic ;) We are traveling from Belgium (trip time about 19h), and I just want to be "safe" with the hotel I know and that was very nice the last years. I know, if you want it,don't nag about it and throw the money at Steve.

Thanks for the tip though, I'm gonna check it out, take my pills, and decide :p

edited: one small remark, we need two beds, buddys stay out of my bed :p

 socalduck responded on Sunday, 15th May 2016

Assuming there is not a large convention or holiday that is spiking demand, sometimes it pays to wait before making reservations. My experience with Wynncore is that if you are booking through the website and don't have an offer code, prices typically drop 3-4 weeks prior to planned arrival.

 justroll replied on Sunday, 15th May 2016


Could work out also, problem is, I'm booking a double room, aren't those less in % in the total property ?

 Chuckmonster responded on Sunday, 15th May 2016

Not really surprised about rising rates at Wynn/Encore... peeking at the company's latest financial results shows that they've upped rates as occupancy has decreased. Also... supply and demand is a main driver of room rates. Las Vegas room rates have been going up.

I did a little analysis on the blog here.

I think you may get better rates if you wait it out for a week or two. Or not. Be prepared to stay somewhere else.

Not sure how talented of an actor you are, but I'd probably get on the phone and call the hotel... have receipts of all of your previous trip dates and hotel rates you paid PLUS the current rates on the websites in front of you when you do. Be super nice to the operator throughout.

Tell them how excited you are to book your annual trip to Wynn and this is the fourth year you've done so. Ask them to book the room for the dates you want. If you don't get the rates you want (be nice) bring up the website rates, or the rates you paid for your previous annual trips. If they don't budge, ask them why the rates are so high this year? Is there anything we can do? Should I call back in a week? Then I'd very nicely say - I really like the Wynn, I'd hate to move my annual trip to Bellagio or Palazzo. If they don't budge, you've got your answer... they don't want you.

 justroll replied on Monday, 16th May 2016

I called a few hours ago, reservation agent was very friendly, I explained the situation and he directly adapted the rates; I'm trying to push now to go to a combination rate. Only thing is; the special discount rate is prepay, compared to the existing one .

It seems that if I put the first 3 days in breakfast rate, and the rest in the discount rate; that I would save 349 USD (extax/exresort) (excl breakfast benefit of 210USD) ; since we surely will eat 3 days breakfast at the Wynn, this is a HUGE saving of 559 USD (extax/exresort).

 Chuckmonster replied on Monday, 16th May 2016


 talktobrent responded on Sunday, 15th May 2016

Ahhh, I miss the heights of the recession in 2008-2009, when panicked operators like Wynn brought down rates to compete with even lower-mid level properties. I took advantage as much as I could, but now that rates and fees are getting back to mid-aughts irrational exuberance, I wish I would have ran with it when I had the chance. I really enjoyed Vegas in those years, when you could get what I might call "value luxury." You didn't mind paying 6 bucks for a coke at the pool because you had a decent room rate, and the staff appreciated your business. Now it's just another overpriced, over fee-d destination that doesn't stand out to me much more than the other myriad leisure options domestic or otherwise.

 HedgedBettor replied on Monday, 16th May 2016

Got the best deal of my life in 2009. Booked my bachelor party a full year in advance, prepaid for a 2-bedroom Skyloft at MGM, entire payment upfront, 750/night for a holiday weekend. That would cost you 2k/night nowadays, but MGM was on the verge of bankruptcy and getting paid a year in advance was sweet sweet cash that they needed

 cmarko responded on Sunday, 15th May 2016

We stayed at WynnCore during the 4th of July weekend last year and will do that again this year. I have not noticed any "slippage" in the customer service standards. I've always experienced it as a well run, well maintained property.

 Diablo responded on Sunday, 15th May 2016

The rates for June 20/21/22 are dramatically higher (more than double other mon/tue/weds). There seems to be some conventions...only things i can see is a real estate convention (36,000 attendees) and an e-cig convention (10,000 attendees)...dont know if thats a lot or a lttle in terms of convention sizes for vegas.

Regardless, if you avoid those days either a week before of after, you should see rates drop a lot.

Also, if you have a wynn red card (even if youre a low roller) youll get better rates.

 Ricogreen responded on Sunday, 15th May 2016

I usually book a stay at the Wynn every June for a week during the early schedule of World Series of Poker. This year for the same price as a regular Wynn Room, I booked an Aria Sky Suite with Limo pickup at the airport and access to the private Sky Pool with an Mlife offer. Looking forward in staying at Aria Sky Suites, maybe next year Steve!

 DrCraps responded on Tuesday, 17th May 2016

This is a busy time in LAS.
We're out there from 16-June to 25-June, and our Tower 1 bedroom suite at the MGM would cost $2500 (tax and resort fee inclusive) if it weren't being comp'ed.

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival, a dance music festival) is on the weekend 17-19th, and Garth Brooks is playing at the T-Mobile arena on the 24th and 25th.

Actually, the MGM is sold out on the 24th, and only top suites available on the 25th, so am not surprised by the high rate you're being offered.

 brassbonanza responded on Tuesday, 17th May 2016

I haven't noticed any slippage whatsoever in Wynn's service or cleanliness, and have stayed there twice in the last nine months. Take TripAdvisor reviews with a grain of salt, often they're people complaining online trying to get a response from the property in hopes of them getting a free room. Also, you get people on there overblowing a very minor situation and/or not understanding the terms of their resort fee. Extra charges for Wifi, as far as I know, are nonexistent unless you're adding multiple devices to the connection. I believe the resort fee covers two devices per room, so if the person was connecting three or four then they'd be charged an extra fee. I would also seriously ask that person why they're wasting so much time in their room that requires them to connect four devices to the wifi. In all of my recent stays there, the service and friendliness of staff has been nothing short of top-notch, the room was always clean, and the experience was excellent.

 justroll replied on Tuesday, 17th May 2016

brassbonanza; thanks for your info about the Wynn's service level, it relaxes me alot! I never had any issue at the Wynn that wasn't solved in a few minutes. Looking forward for our stay!

 ProfessorYaffle responded on Friday, 20th May 2016

Just booked our usual Tower Suite King for the same week. Managed to get (thru Amex Plat) 4 nights with one night free at rates not dissimilar to prior years, so am dead pleased.
the headline rates for the TS rooms seem high, but if you factor in the no resort fee, private pools and free breakfast for two in Tableau every day, to me they are the best bargain in the city.

I only hope that the Steve doesnt mess up the ambiance when he starts digging the lake out back...

 justroll replied on Friday, 20th May 2016

ProfessorYaffle, seems like a nice deal, but is it ?

I have done the calculations myself aswell. I concluded this (correct me if i'm wrong) based on 15% discount Wynn insider rates.

* Tower Suite king is the same room layout as Wynn deluxe resort king. It sounds fancy.. but is it ? I prefer to take a pano view or corner view instead.
* breakfast seems to be a fixed breakfast (predefined) by tableau, I prefer to choose my own things (we are European, and breakfast are typically lighter than the American version, no eggs benedict :p ). By previous years we managed to predefine a 40-50USD area that suits our breakfast needs
* resort fee's are 32USD (pretax)
* there are NO double queens in the Tower Suite, as alternative a rollaway bed was offered. No way that a rollaway bed compares in ANY way to a fixed cosy Wynn bed :) I always tell my friends that sleeping at hotels is a nightmare, except the Wynn, the bed is better than at home :)

Thus lets take a example, 20th-24th june in a Towersuite / Wynn deluxe / Pano view

TowerSuite = 1594 USD (tax incl), how to tip for this kind of breakfast ? let's think positive & say this is included.

Wynn deluxe = 1128 USD (tax incl excl breakfast); lets say we count $35*2 per day as breakfast + tip (a la carte :p ) = 1128 + (280*1,2) = 1464 USD.

That's a difference of 130 USD in favor of the deluxe room ; the difference is that just for the pool :)

Pano View = 1317 USD + (280*1.2) = 1653 USD (all incl)

Difference is 59 USD in favor of the Suite ; but pano has probably a better view.

As you can see the difference is VERY little, therefore we didn't opt-in to it. Being (paid) upgrade at the check-in desk is even worse ; pricing is not inline with the calculations.

Story get's even worse when using the 35% inside rates or doing a combo with a breakfast included pricing :)

Wynn Deluxe @35% = 1070.72 + (280*1.2) = 1406 USD
Pano View = 1247 USD + (280*1.2) = 1583 USD (all incl)

Breakfast pricing (35USD per person / day)
wynn deluxe breakfast combo = 1344 USD + 56 tip = 1400 USD (all incl)
Pano View breakfast combo = 1429 + 56 tip = 1485 USD (all incl)

* beware 35% pricing is PREPAID ; 15% & breakfast is 72 hours cancelable