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MGM PGP Trip report.

Last edit: Lucky4now on Friday, 13th May 2016 7:18 pm
Last response by Chuckmonster 14th May 9:31am

I just got back from my Vegas stay at Aria. The amenities have definitely been downsized . No more shower cap or q tips or sewing kit and the sizes were smaller. Turndown service was still available. I stayed in a Tower Suite. The weight scale was still there, bed sheets were not scratchy. A new touchpad was on my bedstand to order take out at three of the restaurants Lemongrass, 550 Pizza and the pastry shop, you then would go down to pick it up. I did notice the help bemoaning about a hiring freeze. Slots were extremely tight with very little bonus free play and not as fun as Caesers next door. I tried going next door to Monte Carlo and noticed that the slots were not as fun as last year either. I would at least have a good time with my bankroll but this time it felt like no hits, after 50% draw down. Compared to last year I had more hits on the slots, not a major winner but I didn't go through my bankroll at record time either. The slots seemed to only payout after 50% drawdown then it paid 1 to every 2 credits I played. Not fun. When I was playing craps they made 1/2 table reserved with 10 min bet and the other half $25 min bet later when I was playing . I hope they don't cut back on employees. Zarkana was not there and I don't know if they will replace it with another show. Drink service was still the same as last year. I ate at Bar Masa and it was empty and this was 7:30 pm, it was pricey but good. Jose Serrano was good too and busy Jewel was the new nightclub but it wasn't open until next week. Aria Cafe seemed better as well, breakfast was pricey but the menu seemed to be better than last time, better choices. Parking will be free to locals, but not to out of staters. All I can say is yes I did feel that I was being nickeled and dimed from game play to eating there.

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 travisl responded on Saturday, 14th May 2016

Re: Zarkana. It's going to be replaced with an expansion of the convention space.

 Chuckmonster responded on Saturday, 14th May 2016

A "tower suite"... hahahaha.