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Fun For Dogs

Last edit: Veejogee on Tuesday, 10th May 2016 4:53 pm
Last response by EnglishBill 4th June 1:22am

Las Vegas has always been my resort getaway. This year, I am bringing my dog because Las Vegas is trending to the "dog-friendly" gambling types.
I already have a great room at the Delano, but I need some recommendations
on what fun things there are to do in Las Vegas with your dog. Anyone?

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 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 10th May 2016

I brought my dog to Lake Tahoe once. I'll never do that again. At one point the hotel called us to complain about the dog making noise in the room... crying, scratching at the bottom of the door. She is generally a very well behaved dog, but she got anxious being separated. No dog should be locked up in a strange hotel room while its owner is downstairs gambling, dining and getting loaded.

That being said, I'd love to walk my dogs up and down The Strip at dawn before it gets too hot out. They'd love it.

 coybotjr responded on Tuesday, 10th May 2016

The only thing worse than the people that think vegas is a place for strollers and toddlers, are the people that think the crowded sidewalks of the strip is a place for any animal.

 n580564x replied on Friday, 13th May 2016

I love the morons that think Vegas is for gambling and drinking only! lol Vegas is now a shopping, fine dining and resort destination, I take my kids to Vegas and last trip they never stepped foot in a casino. We go for the good Buffets, restaurants, resorts (pools, entertainment, etc), sights and sounds. I don't drink in front of them or gamble in front of them. Vegas has changed drastically over the years, the days of sin city are long gone. In fact I have visited Miami beach, San Diego, Las Vegas and New Orleans in the past 5 years and all of those places are as bad or worse than Vegas (Drunks, vulgar people, indecent behavior). So should people with Children and pets stay home or only visit chuckee cheese? What stupidity!

 MinVegas replied on Friday, 13th May 2016

Most people who complain about children in Vegas are complaining about people who either forget their children exist, or are begrudgingly bringing them and effectively abandon them to keep doing what they would have done without them.

Nobody's ranting about the people who take their children to Shark Reef and the High Roller. They're complaining about the people who are still doing shots and tell people under 16 to "just go do something."

 EnglishBill responded on Wednesday, 11th May 2016

You are dragging your poor dog to Vegas! WHY? What is he/she going to do when you are gambling & drinking?
It's fairly obvious you are not doing it for the dog's sake.
People who drag, kids & animals to Vegas simply appear very selfish.

 Veejogee replied on Wednesday, 11th May 2016

My husband and I more "resortists" than gamblers and drunks. Our dog is coming with us on a vacation and Las Vegas is one of our stops. I didn't
ask your opinion on dragging animals to Vegas. I wanted to know what were some of the fun things to do with your animal. At least "Chuckmonster" came up with a good idea about walking my dog on the strip at dawn.
My husband will love that.

If you can't help a person with a question...stay off the trippin board.

 Chuckmonster replied on Wednesday, 11th May 2016

I sorta did the same thing when I brought the pooch to Tahoe. The stop was part of a larger trip, not a destination unto itself. We took advantage of a pet package Montbleu had. It kinda didn't work out that well. I wrote a review of it way back in 2008. I gotta admit, it was really cool walking her through the casino, everybody loves pugs and she jiggles when she walks.

I've entertained the idea of double booking the dog in a Vegas pet hotel/doggy day care when in town. After carousing during the day while they are at doggy day care, we'd pick them up and bring em back to the hotel for overnights. In the morning an early walk down the strip, then back to day care while we go out. Lather rinse repeat.

I get it... but leaving a dog in a crate in a hotel room while going out works against the idea of letting loose in Vegas.

 EnglishBill replied on Thursday, 12th May 2016

OK, in reply to your question. Best thing for your dog,who is, after all, the important person in this post is, leave the poor creature at home.

 Veejogee replied on Thursday, 12th May 2016

Very helpful, Chuckmonster! Thank you. I like the walking at dawn aspect.
We do that now since all three of us are early early birds. And dawn on The Strip is beautiful. Our normal routine is to walk around together early for a couple of hours. Take our Shiba Inu home...let her sleep it off (sometimes me too) and then hit the pool, the spa, the casino or whatever while checking in on her every couple of hours. She's used to this routine already. We have traveled with her since she was a puppy so she's not clingy. Shibas are real quiet and mellow. Ours doesn't bark unless she wants to play with another dog.

We don't *crate/kennel* her up, except when driving. And we chose the Delano because they have this great package deal where you can put your
dog in daycare (which is a great idea...thank you again) and/or you can
arrange for someone to stop by your room at certain times to check on your

There are a number of activities and places to eat with your dog while
visiting Vegas, I just wanted to know what other experiences people had
when they brought their dogs with them. The "Dawn Stroll On The Strip"
was one I hadn't even sounds quite lovely, actually.

 Veejogee replied on Thursday, 12th May 2016

Hey your review of the Tahoe trip 2008. Awful.
Looks like your poochie didn't know what to make of it that foodie bowl.

Tahoe seems to be like the perfect place for vacations with dogs, but
it seems to be a bit "either/or" to me. We went last year for the Fourth of July (it rained and rained and rained). I didn't see many dogs except for the locals. And, it's either you go to gamble or you go to enjoy the
sights (or skiing).

Hope you had a good time anyways. Thanks for the help.

**Jiggles when she walks...very cute.**

 n580564x replied on Friday, 13th May 2016

My question is, How is leaving your pet in a kennel more "Fair" to the animal? How is leaving the dog with people he doesn't know very well any kinder? I applaud Veejogee for making the choice to bring her dog with her. Checking on the dog frequently is a great way to make sure he/she feels comfortable. And how does bringing your dog to a hotel/resort room any different than when you leave the dog alone at home for 8, 9, 10 hours a day while you go to work different? You can't check in on them then. People like you need to open their mind and come into the world of today, this isn't 1970 anymore. There are places you can pay to look after your dog while you go do whatever it is you enjoy, pet spas, pet daycare dog walkers, just the same way there are child daycare, day camps and the sort for kids. The moronic and myopic views that these individuals have are laughable at the very least. We go to our Timeshare and spend the huge portion of our vacation by the pool, sun bathing, having a lemonade and listening to music while our kids enjoy themselves in the pool. We go to movie theaters at the Local places (south point, Sams town, The Orleans), we go to the art museum or the aquarium in the Mandalay bay, we take hikes in Red rock canyon {Which your dog would LOVE! ;)} or take a stroll around the Ethel M chocolate factory in Henderson (Your dog might enjoy this as well. We take our kids to the container park and let them play in the tree house and eat hotdogs from the hot dog joint there. So many things to do I could go on forever. Please keep your archaic mindset to yourself and you will sound less idiotic @Englishbill .

 Chuckmonster replied on Friday, 13th May 2016

VT encourages healthy debates and disagreements... feel free to argue to maximum intensity, but please don't turn differing opinions into personal attacks. Thank you!

 n580564x replied on Friday, 13th May 2016

@chuckmonster i will watch myself. I really don't think it was much of an attack, but this is your world so ill abide by your wishes.

 Chuckmonster replied on Saturday, 14th May 2016

Thank you!

 EnglishBill replied on Monday, 30th May 2016

If you have no idea how leaving a dog in a strange hotel room, with strange noises & smells is vastly, totally different to leaving your dog in his/her own home, in his/her own territory, you don't understand dogs at all.
Also as for dragging your poor animal to a chocolate factory?????????
You do know chocolate is bad for dogs & as much as we love our pooches, taking one into a food sales area is poor judgement. That's if you are allowed in.
It appears to me that folks who insist on dragging their dogs to places like Las Vegas are doing it for themselves & not for the dog. The dog, you know the important person in this selfish activity.
Take a walk down Fremont at night & check out the frightened & confused animals who are not there by choice, who are there because, like the parents of small kids, dare not miss anything.
Finally before I'm accused of dog/pet hating or worse, my wife & I have two wonderful Dobermanns, four cats as well as horses, who we put first & dont demand they fit in with our travel plans.

 n580564x replied on Wednesday, 1st June 2016

So EnglishBill, abandoning an animal locked in your/his home is the solution? I think you have as little understanding of dogs as you accuse others of having. Now, did you read my comment at all? Please quote me where I said to feed the dog chocolate? I can quote where I said to take the dog on a "Stroll" at the attached park area behind the factory. As far as chocolate, yes I understand chocolate is bad and even deadly in some instances. And isn't it dragging a dog anywhere outside the home? He/she doesn't come to you and say lets go to (blank). If you think about it, animal ownership is a selfish activity. But that selfish activity is ok. Why? Because you have chosen to force 2 Dobermans, 4 cats and horses into these symbiotic relationships? If what is best for these animals is concerning to you, why not free all your animals into the wild where they belong. THAT would be best for the animals and THAT would be putting the animals first. One last retort, the definition of a Person is a human being. Dogs are canines. Now I am being judgemental here to prove a point. That point? "Don't throw stones if you are living in a glass house". To me and @veejogee Vegas works for us for our own reasons, just like animal ownership works for you. We don't come here to be judged. You don't travel with dogs or kids and that is your choice and it works for you. Our way works for us. People come her for advise not judgement or opinions on how we choose to do things. As @veejogee wrote on her reply to you, If you don't agree with her choice keep it to yourself. You don't HAVE to reply.

 EnglishBill replied on Thursday, 2nd June 2016

I have read some drivel but yours is some of the worst! read some of the other comments. Min Vegas for one.
So, where did I say "abandoning an animal"?
I'll ask you again. Can't you see that any animal is happier & more secure in their own home, than alone in a strange hotel room?
I note you ignore the obvious problem of taking, read dragging an animal to any foodstuffs outlet.
As for me "forcing" my animals into anything, you are again wrong. The cats are indoor cats, the dogs live outside & the horses have stables & a grass field. You really have to stop getting it all wrong.
It's obvious, how ever much others try to advise, you have your selfish mindset. You'll continue to drag your poor unfortunate dog along in Vegas & on the strip with all the noise, traffic, drunks, shouting & sadly at times worse.
Even worse you'll boast about it & then bleat when others don't agree.
You really are convinced you know best, which is sad.

Finally if you don't like folk commenting on your ludicrous behaviour, wouldn't it best to keep it to yourself & not advertise on the web the fact that you put yourself before your dog?

 n580564x replied on Thursday, 2nd June 2016

You say my opinion is "drivel" and then you write this massive pile of dog doo doo? lol You ask if I see "that any animal is happier & more secure in their own home than alone in a strange hotel room?" To answer your question directly, NO! It depends on the animal. There are animals that as you say, prefer to stay home and some who want to go with their master. Dogs are as differing as people in their preferences, not all dogs will prefer one thing. By the way animal ownership is forced on all animals. your animal had no choice but to go live with you. If you believe I am wrong go to your stables open them up and walk away to see what the animal chooses. I was talking about choice, the definition of which is to decide between 2 possibilities. Your animals only got one choice, the one you gave them and that is the definition of selfish. If you advised instead of judged we wouldn't have this conversation. That is the big difference between you and I, I don't presume to think I know the answers to everything. I believe it is the individuals right to choose without judgemental people assuming to know what is best in the other individuals life. As for dragging my dog places, I don't own and haven't owned an animal in over 10 years. I only got involved in this topic when I saw your asinine post to leave the dog at home. It was not your place to tell another person what they should or shouldn't do with their dog while traveling unless asked for your opinion. You should seek counseling for your narcissitic personality disorder. You should also follow your own advise and stop prattling and prating about what you think others should and shouldn't do. Now read your last sentence on the prior post about 100 times, memorize it and make it a habit since it fits you like a glove.

 EnglishBill replied on Friday, 3rd June 2016

It's a shame you have run out of valid arguments & simply resort to insults.
It proves my opinion of you.

 n580564x replied on Friday, 3rd June 2016

Englishbill, it has been a complete waste of time arguing with you and the feeling is mutual. As far as insults, you have to be insane to say I insulted you. I disagreed with you, but the closest I came to insulting you was calling your post a pile of dog doo doo. That is just lame.

 EnglishBill replied on Saturday, 4th June 2016

Now, simply because I don't agree with you I'm "insane"
You have already been told not to attack people on here but you still feel you can write whatever you feel.
When you make your inevitable response, it will be the last.
I am finishing this nonsense, as attempting to make you see any sense is simply akin to talking to a brick wall.

 Malibugolfer responded on Friday, 13th May 2016

Hell hath no fury like a pet lover scorned.

 MinVegas responded on Friday, 13th May 2016

Right, so this seems disaster-ish.

Ask dog owners who live here in the suburbs. See if you can find any of them who bring their dogs to the strip. I doubt many do. The Strip is crowded as hell, and it's full of humans packing together in proximities that are socially inappropriate in western cultures but strictly necessary since there's no other way for 60 people all waiting for the same WALK sign to share a sidewalk curb.

It's got loud noises, distractions, traffic, a street that you can just run out into without even barricades, and you'll have to be running around the perimeter of some properties (Excalibur, CityCenter, etc) because foot traffic is funneled directly into places that don't want your dog.

It seems like an incredible hassle and, depending on the breed, a possible encounter with some hyperactive person who knows an attorney. Your dog sees nothing special about the Strip.

If I was in town to meet some people, or just see a show for a few hours one night, or do things that just would take a couple hours but otherwise would be a doggie vacation, I'd pick some pet-friendly chain hotel that has less than 1,000 rooms and no casino. There's lots of pleasant "business stay" hotels like Marriotts etc that will accept pets without you having to haul them around in a cage or walk them through the Party Pit.

 anawas replied on Friday, 13th May 2016

This seems like the reasonable middle ground.
Your favorite pet-friendly chain hotel probably has something close-ish to the Strip.

 Veejogee replied on Friday, 13th May 2016

MinVegas has a point, of course. But I don't plan to drag my dog along The Strip's sidewalk. We have been making Vegas a part of our vacation for seven years now. We decided this year to try something new; bring our dog...make some new memories, have some new adventures and see the city through her eyes. No more of the "same old, same old", you know?
So THAT'S why I asked if anyone had done something fun with
their dog. NOT..."Does anyone think it's wrong to bring my dog to Vegas?"

@n580564x made good point about how things have changed. Actually,
your Vegas vacation can be whatever you want it to be. I appreciate your

Yes, this is an interesting debate. Maybe something the editors should
consider reviewing for this site. And, BTW, I am a Pet-Lover but I am not
"scorned" lol. I just want our dog to have just as must fun as we will
when we get to Vegas.

 Tone509 replied on Sunday, 15th May 2016

I agree with Minvegas.

 Tone509 responded on Sunday, 15th May 2016

A Yelp search for "best dog parks" yielded a number of results but you'll need to drive a few miles. One place where both of you might equally enjoy would be Springs Preserve. It's not a dog park per se but is apparently dog-friendly.

You may also want to check out for some ideas for dog-friendly restaurants, attractions etc. If there are dog-friendly venues on LVB, I would be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!

 Drake responded on Sunday, 29th May 2016

We walked behind a woman with two dogs through the Paris casino. One looked happy as punch, like "where's the doggy poker room?," but the other seemed a bit less enthusiastic. So I guess mileage varies from dog to dog. Your dog sounds road-trip ready, so I hope you have a good time!