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Last edit: buckeyefan on Sunday, 1st May 2016 7:10 am
Last response by Dramman 12th May 8:43am

I am a low roller that is lucky to get to Vegas once a year. I was comped 3 nights at Encore in December (not sure how that happened) and loved it! It was my first time at Encore and I don't think it gets much better. Definitely not inexpensive to eat or drink but worth every penny I spent. I am heading back at the end of June on a 5 night comp and a bunch of other perks. Like I said I am low roller so not sure how this keeps happening, but I am wondering, should I get a Casino host? Do you need to be a high roller for host, are there benefits to having one as a low roller? Just not sure what to do.....

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 jinx73 responded on Sunday, 1st May 2016

Best answer is, it depends. Qualifying for a comp at Wynn properties through marketing, likely means you might not be as low rolling as you think. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should have a casino host. I wouldn't expect a casino host at Wynn, with less then $100/per hand play on tables, and something in the range of $500 a day for slot/vp play through a trip.

Again those are just rough numbers and you could get a host with less play, but I wouldn't expect much from them, or for them to really pay much attention to you. Those numbers are what I would look at for MGM and Cosmo too as reference, CET I would tone them down along with other properties.

 buckeyefan replied on Sunday, 1st May 2016

Thanks Jinx, definitely not at the level you suggest. $25 a hand at most, and $200 a day on slots.

 Malibugolfer replied on Monday, 2nd May 2016

$500 a day maybe in slot theo. $5000 minimum ba day in slot coin in usually is needed for a resort room one night comp.
You are better off just talking to a host before leaving and seeing what they may do on the back end.
With a multi-day room comp you most likely will need much more play for anything additional.
Wynn hosts have been getting much tighter for much bigger players than you so I would be very surprised if one would be of much additional assistance.
Wouldn't hurt to call the host desk and ask though.

 Chuckmonster replied on Monday, 2nd May 2016

If you don't deserve comps and are getting them, poking the bear by calling a host is a bad idea.

Take the freebies and keep your mouth shut.

It could be that someone is playing with your lost Red Card or your Red Card #s got crossed in the system with someone else. Eventually, the software will correct itself, in the mean time enjoy the freebies.

 justroll replied on Monday, 2nd May 2016


 buckeyefan replied on Monday, 2nd May 2016

Great advice Chuck, thanks!

 wpsteel66 replied on Monday, 2nd May 2016

I agree with Chuck...take advantage of the offers that they give you.

 justroll responded on Monday, 2nd May 2016

you are a lucky guy. I'm from Brussels,Belgium (Europe) and visited the Wynn in 2015 & 2014 ; each time for a full week, we gambled (total loss) about $1K each week, so the money we put in the slots & table were a lot higher. We always ate @ the Wynn, (diner, breakfast) and did spend alot of time in the clubs.

In 2014 we were comped 100$ from our bill, and in 2015 we weren't comped a thing. We always booked a pano double room. The "offers" that i receive are the ones limited to the offers that are being offered to redcard members.

Maybe they don't like Belgians :p

I think a casino host isn't your buddy unless you spends like +$10K

 Malibugolfer replied on Tuesday, 3rd May 2016

You need $500 a hand, not $1000 a week.
The OP is beyond overcompted.

 Drake responded on Monday, 2nd May 2016

Low-rollers get 5-night comps at Circus Circus, not Encore. I'd follow Chuck's advice. Keep it zipped!

 buckeyefan replied on Friday, 6th May 2016

Really can't figure it out, win/loss statement for 2014 I lost about $200.00, comped 3 nights and given $225 in FREEplay in 2015. win/loss statement for 2015 I lost about $800.00, comped 5 nights and $450 in FREEplay in 2016. Like you said wouldn't think twice if this were Circus Circus or another lower end resort.

 4theoldman1 responded on Friday, 6th May 2016

I am amazed at the low-level of play required at WynnEncore to garner any response from them. Are you the son of a Chinese billionaire, (small ha), or some other profile that would entice management to hope for greater things? For contrast, I have often dropped a grand in C notes into their lovely Hi-Limits slots room and was "lucky" to get some slow-footed waitress to inquire as to my preferred Bourbon. It is my habit to budget $5Grand for closing out the night with a baccarat table visit where, st least, my preferred drink did arrive virtually by magic. Only once has a host approached me and he looked bored and distracted. Also for comparison, the Bellagio has been, over the years, vastly superior in both their attention to me personally and offering comp's, but I still often go to Wynn for that Hi-Limits slots room and their great restaurants. What a strange town this is.
PS: This formatted oddly in the posting.

 Dramman responded on Thursday, 12th May 2016

I somewhat agree with the prognosis "don't poke the bear". On one of my trips years ago I got Harrah's diamond for betting five dollar craps at Caesars. It was a early Tuesday morning and the limits were low. Shortly after I got there, the limit was raised to $10. Thankfully, the rule was as long as I was making the same bets, I could continue my $5 bets. Ten was raised to $25 once the after breakfast crowd started to come. I played and played my $5, and left well after lunch. After I get my diamond card I realized they must have put me on "min bet" and the way the computers work my theoretical bet was much more than my real bet, ergo I logged six hours of $100 play (four min bets). If i ever pointed this out, I knew I would be shown the back room.

However, for what its worth I once talked with a Wynn guy about the whole rating thing. He said it was different than Harrahs/Caesars, but one thing Wynn took a better look at was the type of play, not just the amount. For example, if they want to have a more baccarat (or say, baccarat is historically low in April), they will comp baccarat players more liberally for a specified time. They will also take a look at who you are with. I got told a story of a "whale" who was a very cautious, sharp, low-to-mid player, however his wife was a drunken mess who would take the, say, $10,000 gambling budget, blow it in a few hours, come back to hubby at the baccarat table who would dutifully give her another $10K. Since the trips were regularly booked in his name, he got the comp (and logged in the system as a higher level) despite only making a few hundred a day, because they noticed his wife would hand the casino $10-20K a day.