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Take THAT, taxi industry

Last edit: Drake on Tuesday, 26th April 2016 5:09 pm
Last response by SkippyKipster 27th June 2:21pm

So I opened my "pre-arrival welcome" email from Paris and as I scan through the usual restaurant plugs and other entreaties, what do I see? A prominent banner ad that reads:

Safe, reliable rides at a tap of a button

Nice! The more Uber sticks it to those long-hauling bastards, the better. Maybe if the taxi cartel feels enough pain, they'll allow the Taxi Commission to set flat airport-hotel rates and stop screwing over visitors. In any event, kudos to Caesars and Uber. What a great way to target incoming prospects.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 26th April 2016

Note that this isn't an altruistic gesture on behalf of the casinos, nor is it a way to fuck the Taxi authority. The casinos get $5 for every new rider that signs up via their link. MGM has been pimping Uber sign up links via their social media for as long as it has been legal.

 Skywise replied on Tuesday, 26th April 2016

Wha?! Next you'll tell me there's no Santa Claus!

 Drake replied on Wednesday, 27th April 2016

…well, yeah, that's what makes a banner ad a banner ad. A pat on the back to them, too, for figuring out they can make money by providing service rather than cutting service. Who'd a thunk?

In this case, maybe "pimping" is a little harsh when you consider how many of their guests get ripped off by scumbag taxi drivers on a daily basis. Good business and good intentions aren't always mutually exclusive.

 BillDonovan responded on Wednesday, 27th April 2016

Taxis have been doing another long-haul method from the airport. Tell them "no tunnel" and "don't drive up the strip" and "please take Koval or Paradise road North" and they instead take lots of turns and go around the blocks & through lots of stop lights, so your taxi ride to the Mirage is still $30+. So Lame. Uber will only be about $19-$20.

 Malibugolfer responded on Wednesday, 27th April 2016

When I hear those who bemoan the challenges to the taxi cartels I can't help but wonder if their forbearers likewise were against the automobile and rallied for buggy whip makers and farriers.

 EnglishBill responded on Sunday, 1st May 2016

We just got back to England after our Vegas trip. This time I pre booked a small limo with Presidential Limos. It cost very little more, much nicer, cleaner & way more convenient than any taxi & Robert was a very good driver & a real nice guy.
I will never use a Vegas taxi again, I've been long hauled so many times I gave up telling the cab driver anything, I simply refused to pay, which is a rotten way to start a vacation.
Later in the vacation we used the RTC Express buses, cheap & easy.
The worst thing is, back in 2000, Vegas taxis were cheap, reliable & honest, now they are a bunch of highwaymen, sorry highwaypersons.

 Lucky4now responded on Friday, 13th May 2016

Before Uber I would take the shuttle or Presidential limo. Actually the limo was slightly more expensive than the taxi and I didn't have to wait 45 minutes in the taxi line with people cutting in front of me.

 SkippyKipster responded on Monday, 27th June 2016

Hi there, My wife and I were long hauled as well a month ago by a Nellis cab. I kept my camera rolling, you won't believe how far out we taken. I made a map and points of interest. Enjoy our driver's excuses, fast driving, meter turn off mid trip and more. Long Hauling is alive and well. I will be back in Las Vegas in a few months, will I be long hauled again??? Bet you...