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New Mayan Themed Resort?

Last edit: hail2skins on Monday, 11th April 2016 3:20 pm
Last response by ScroogeMcMurren 20th April 1:23pm

Anyone have any insight on who might be the developer for this? Apparently a well-known gaming operator is involved, it'll be on or near north Strip, and more details supposed to emerge this week.

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 Diablo responded on Monday, 11th April 2016

MGM? looks like its gonna be on the Rock in Rio site (across the street from SLS).

 hail2skins replied on Monday, 11th April 2016

When I read the article again and it mentions "a group responsible for designing one of the most innovative destination resorts in the world" and then I look at the picture again.......seems very Atlantis-like. Are the Kerzners trying to get back into Vegas? Weren't they MGM's partner on that parcel that was designated for City Center North?

 TwisterII replied on Tuesday, 12th April 2016

MGM and Atlantis are partners, but so is Caesars and Atlantis now.

From earlier last week.

 JakeDAnders replied on Tuesday, 12th April 2016

It notes in the blog post that the site in the graphics is not the actual likely not MGM. Plus, Murren just said themes are done from his point of view. So, I'd say no. Perhaps some type of re-working at Resorts World, though? Or just pure speculation (most likely).

 vespajet replied on Tuesday, 12th April 2016

I'm guessing that someone with some actual financial backing will finally be doing something on the former Wet-N-Wild site that has seen multiple projects come and go over the last decade. All Net Arena & Resort broke ground on the site nearly 18 months ago, but nothing has happened since and the last news on the project was over a year ago. Maybe they'll also be buying Fontainebleau and tearing it down.

 ScroogeMcMurren responded on Wednesday, 20th April 2016

Themed hotels are stupid.

Nobody wants to vacation at a Mayan temple luxury resort. Today's sophisticated consumer demands hotel-resorts inspired by beautiful office buildings.

How many times must I remind you people ?!?!? Is everyone taking crazy pills ?!?!?