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Father and over 21yr old son, first trip to Vegas (for the son)

Last edit: blakjak21 on Sunday, 13th March 2016 5:53 pm
Last response by n580564x 6th April 8:29am

Hey gang,

Taking a father and 'legal' age son trip this coming weekend. Arriving Thursday night, leaving Monday morning. We're staying at the Wynn, panoramic strip facing room.

He's not much a of a gambler, he'll place a bet on top of mine. But he does love the adrenaline rush of winning a big a big hand and being in a winning streak. Sometimes I refer to him as my lucky charm when we go to theBorgata or the Mohegan sun casinos out here on the East coast.

We plan on doing a sushi dinner, steak dinner and possibly French . Possibly Blue Ribbon, SW and Bardot.

Any suggestions to do during the day and at night? YES, strip club recommendations are ok. As long as they are not the high priced ones.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Monday, 14th March 2016

I would suggest skipping Bardot altogether (my review) and going to Bouchon at Venetian for brunch/breakfast. Make a reservation to sit outside.

 Dramman responded on Tuesday, 15th March 2016

Fascinating hypothetical for me. Never went to Vegas with my father as such, though knew he loved a wager. He once disappeared for 6 hrs. at the Holiday Inn in Bismarck, ND where by some quirk they offered blackjack in the 80s. Being much like my father, I know there is a "wild" streak he could indulge. Yet with his son, for his sake and mine, we would both play it like priests on vacation.

That in mind, and the fact you sound like the "den mother" of the duo, a few non-risque things come to mind. Cocktails at the Mandarin. Another high-end bar to splurge on some of the rarest booze in the world (then hear him argue for 15 minutes that its no better than his Jonnie Walker Red, though both know he is lying). Smokes at the Casa de Fuente. Legasse Stadium for a game. A shooting range. That Rat Pack show that moves from casino to casino. Golf, maybe (I don't think either of us would enjoy, but a good way to pass the time together). Browsing at the Gambler's Store off downtown. Less Vegas specific would be renting a boat to cruise Lake Mead for an afternoon.

While there would be a few good food places, I think my dad would equally be into the wildest deal. My first exposure to Vegas was 12 and stopping at Circus Circus for the cheap buffet as we passed through to California. The famous steak special at Ellis Island comes to mind as in idea to add. Some inexpensive seafood buffet would be on the list as well.

Final thought, given the variety it might be good place for the son to teach, or show off his mastery, to the dad for once.

 KickedBoar591 responded on Friday, 1st April 2016

Sorry to be intrusive (but you did post about it sooooo), but how did it go? I spent many summers in Lake Tahoe and Reno with my parents (they kept Las Vegas to themselves), so I always had a keen interest in casinos once I turned 21.

Hell, my parents had me book a room at the Golden Nugget when I was 19. I remember my dad telling me to play the nickel VP because I wouldn't require a hand payout if I won. And if I was going to play the tables, always drop a $5 to the cocktail waitress at first so she wouldn't card me.

So it wasn't much of a switch when I turned 21 and I started traveling to Vegas with my parents, in particular my dad. We'd always do pool activities during the day. Loved to check out all the casinos, especially the new ones (this was back during the 90s building boom). We'd also spend some time in the sports book placing wagers on the ponies during the afternoon, which was fun. It's funny, my dad was such an early riser and my mother was nocturnal. Nothing like being at the bar at the Excalibur playing VP with your mother. Crazy.

So I'm kind of curious how your trip went. Those were some great times. Plus, I'm already planning my daughter's first Vegas trip when she turns 21. She's nine months right now, so plans might change. But I think it would be really cool.

 n580564x responded on Wednesday, 6th April 2016

YES! Agree with @chuckmonster, Bouchon is superior. But as I recall slightly more expensive.

 n580564x replied on Wednesday, 6th April 2016

Also, Cheetah's is a no brainer. Tons of girls of all races, body types and hair color (I'm a sucker for blondes and redheads). It's been a few years, so not sure of what a lap dance is going for right now.