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Your thoughts on what high end suite I should book

Last edit: pkluvsvegas on Thursday, 10th March 2016 11:46 am
Last response by pkluvsvegas 12th March 7:07am

I wanted to get people's opinions on what suite/villa would be the best choice to host my wedding reception. Our date is in early October. We chose it because there were no conventions around that time and the weather should be nice aka pool weather. We had planned on booking the 2 Bedroom Terrace Skyloft which has a reception capacity of 100. As my fiancee was sending invites to 125 or so people, we figured this would be the perfect fit. Unfortunately it looks like there is a country music festival going on from Sept. 30- Oct. 2, the 2nd being our wedding. We might not get that suite, would have to wait 6 month's out as that is the booking window and even then we might not get it. The wonderful person I have been working with at MGM suggested we book another option and then keep trying for the Terrace one.

Here are the options I was presented with, and it would mean cutting down our guest list or just having the reception for family and close friends:

Bellagio Chairman Suite/Presidential Suite: I can book it now for $6,200/$5,200. It can hold about 60 people.

Bellagio Villa: Would have to wait another month to see availability.

Mirage 3 Bedroom Villa: 60 person capacity, guessing $3,000 a night.

2 Bedroom Skyloft without terrace: $1,350 and with this one I would book Saturday as well. Holds 45 people.

MGM Mansion (2 Bedroom): $6,000 but has a two month booking window.

I also spoke with a rep for Caesars and could get the Planet Hollywood Bay Spa Suite for $2,900, possibly the Nobu Penthouse or Emperor Suite. Cosmo offered a West End Pent without balcony, and Hard Rock, their Altered States/Living Art suites, these two do accommodate 75-100 and are $5,000.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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 Geoff responded on Thursday, 10th March 2016

Not a Caesars fan, but that nobu penthouse terrace looks like an awesome place for a wedding reception..

If you can't get the terrace skyloft I'd guess the mansion would also be booked out..

 pkluvsvegas replied on Friday, 11th March 2016

To be fair there are 29 Mansions and only 2 Skylofts with terraces.
In any rate, I am just happy that I am allowed to book any of these.
While the Nobu Penthouse looks cool, the lack of a view and the fact that for the size of our reception we would need to book one with 5 Bedrooms seems a waste.

Just got off done booking the Bellagio Presidential Suite. If we can't get the Skyloft this will be a good option. If it is good enough for the President it is good enough for me, and it will allow me to look down with contempt on MikeE's Grand Lakeview jk.

 Chuckmonster replied on Friday, 11th March 2016

You better take photos.

 Chuckmonster responded on Friday, 11th March 2016

As a happily married man, I think your best plan of attack is to ask your wife what she thinks.

Get the Mirage Villa.

 pkluvsvegas replied on Friday, 11th March 2016

Actually we both love the Mirage Villa. The problem is that it isn't within the booking window yet, which is 6 months out. Most of the high end stuff at MGM is 6 months with the exception of The Mansion which is two. For the record she picked this as she wanted to have something confirmed. There is a country music festival or something in the dirt field across from Luxor, so the fact that anything but base rooms is available is surprising to me.

Don't worry Chuck, whether we keep this, which I am happy to do, or get something else, I will take a ton of photos and a video walkthrough for you to use. If you are in town on October 2, you are welcome to stop by and do it yourself.

 MikeE responded on Friday, 11th March 2016

No love for Wynncore? For the price, the 2-bed Apartment at Encore lacks some wow, but the Duplexes are spectacular. Don't know what they run nowadays (last I heard was $6 to $8k) but worthing looking into. Also, if you're doing a daytime reception, a Fairway Villa, albiet a little smaller than some of the other choices, would work nicely. Their not-so-recent refresh really compliments all the light flooding in from the balcony. I think they run $2.5k generally. If you go that route, make sure you score the south Wynn Fairways for the best views.

 pkluvsvegas replied on Saturday, 12th March 2016

Actually Mike, I have a lot of love for Wynnacore, we are staying there the two nights after the wedding in a Salon Suite, though I was contemplating trying to upgrade to a Fairway Villa upon check-in, so I appreciate the tip.

I did, many months ago contact them about pricing and I think they said $2000 for the 2 Bedroom Apartment, $2800 for a 1 Bedroom Fairway Villa, and $8000 for the Duplex. My problem was/is they didn't seem to be too keen on in room receptions. I will have minimum 50 people to host, too many for anything but the Duplex, and the person I spoke to seemed to indicate they really didn't like large events in the Suites. MGM, Caesars, Hard Rock, Cosmo were more open. Since we wanted to be on Strip, that ruled out Hard Rock, I'm not a fan of Cosmo (but would have taken happily a East Tower Penthouse.