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Rumor: Wynn to build 1000 room boutique hotel (and more) on golf course

Last edit: Diablo on Wednesday, 24th February 2016 3:59 pm
Last response by tourvegas2005 19th March 3:41pm

Siegfried (aka siegfriend and roy) says he saw the plans. 1000 room boutique hotel, 40 acre lake, and convention center where the golf course is. Pending the boards approval.



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 hail2skins responded on Wednesday, 24th February 2016

If there's a new Wynn project in Vegas, I'd prefer for it to be a new standalone place on the Strip. However, despite some chatter about Steve being one of the interested parties in purchasing the Fontainebleau (and perhaps it happens.....who knows?), I had a hard time wrapping my head around Wynn buying a place so far up the Strip, which would be near a struggling SLS and still a good bit away from Resorts World, if and when that gets finished. Only attractiveness about the site I see presently is that its near the soon-to-be expanded convention center.

I'd love to see Wynn instead somehow work a deal for a place on the south Strip, perhaps blow up Excalibur and put something there. However, absent a new project, a new hotel project and lake on the Wynncore footprint would definitely be appealing. I guess it would mean the end of the that the cost will always prohibit me playing.

 Toro66 responded on Wednesday, 24th February 2016

A 1000 room hotel can't be described as boutique lol

 senatorkevin responded on Wednesday, 24th February 2016

There were rumors years ago that they were going to put not one, but two resorts on the golf course with a lake in the center.

 Ricogreen responded on Thursday, 25th February 2016

I think Steve primary reason to move forward with this project is for more convention space for the property. MGM is spending a ton of money adding convention space to both Mandalay Bay and Aria and that is where the money is for Vegas.

 talktobrent replied on Saturday, 27th February 2016

Is there really that much demand for more convention space? It seems we are getting back to mid-aughts levels of irrational exuberance... just keep building it and they will come. I've mostly lost interest in the strip; with the resort fees we are almost back to bubble era prices. Might as well hop on an international flight and take advantage of the strong dollar.

 Drake replied on Sunday, 28th February 2016

It's cheap to build, cheap to maintain. Yes, the convention industry has peaked and now it's just a matter of cities fighting for a slice of the pie, but Vegas still has a huge advantage due to its destination appeal and low-cost rooms. It will be the last man standing as the industry peters out.

 cschoony responded on Thursday, 25th February 2016

More profitable than green fees and likely more jobs too.

 LeoNYC responded on Sunday, 28th February 2016

I wonder how much the privacy and quiet feeling of the fairway villas balconies will be affected by the end of the golf course. The view from those balconies is unique.

 tourvegas2005 responded on Saturday, 19th March 2016

Maybe I should have bet you that $6 Chuckmonster! 😊