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Riviera Boulevard to be renamed Elvis Presley Way

Last edit: Frostbyte on Monday, 22nd February 2016 5:13 pm
Last response by lewintn 1st March 6:56am

I sent the following email to Clark Country Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, although I expect it to fall on deaf ears:

Dear Mrs. Giunchigliani,

I just wanted to express how disappointed I was at the news that Riviera Blvd. is was selected to be renamed after Elvis Presley.

The only consolation I had concerning the impending destruction of the Riviera is that the street name would remain as a memorial to the property. Saraha Ave, Desert Inn Road, Sands Ave... all streets which remind us of the historical significance their namesakes had in making Las Vegas what it is today.

I understand that the city needs to evolve, but I truly donít understand why Las Vegas is so content with destroying its history.

Iím not saying Elvis doesnít deserve to have a street named after him. I absolutely do. But wouldnít Paradise Rd be more appropriate, since that in the street on which Westgate (The old International and Hilton) is located, where Elvis became a Vegas Legend?

Please buck the trend of destroying Las Vegasí History. The Riviera deserves better than this.

Thank you for listening,
Tom Twedell

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 saharalv responded on Monday, 22nd February 2016

But the street does lead into the Westgate. So it does make some sense.

 anawas responded on Monday, 22nd February 2016

I thought Riviera Blvd. would be more of a major thoroughfare. It's not, so I'm genuinely torn between keeping its name to honor its history and changing it to celebrate Elvis.

SaharaLV makes a good point: It *is* probably the best road to name for Elvis. But it would erase the last vestige of a venerable casino property.

Anyway, in the process of Google-mapping this street, I came across something weird. What's the massive blue thing visible in satellite mode in the parking lot immediately east of Kishner Drive (SE of the Riviera property)? It isn't visible in Bing's maps.

 andybflo responded on Tuesday, 23rd February 2016


The blue thing looks like a giant tarp; it, and some massive dice are in the parking lot that used to be the Landmark. I'm betting it was a prop stored there temporarily, that the G-Earth Satellites just grabbed at the right time.

Looking a Google Earth, is it me, or do the foundation outlines for the old property still appear visible? Perhaps it's the morning martinis; who knows...

 Ricogreen responded on Monday, 29th February 2016

Things have just turned ugly between the Westgate and Elvis Presley Enterprises and the exhibit has been closed down. The Elvis Presley Estate was also against the renaming the street according to Norm, and the Westgate is holding all the items as collateral for money spent on renovation to the space. It ends only 10 months into a 10 year lease. Elvis has left the building!

 saharalv replied on Monday, 29th February 2016

Very interesting and bad news. I was able to see the exhibit in July and was hoping to return in March.
Modern Vegas has had a hard time with keeping Elvis viable, and now it looks like EPE is just helping to wipe his name completely from the city.

 lewintn replied on Tuesday, 1st March 2016

Isn't it kind of futile to try and maintain a huge interest/presence for Elvis in Las Vegas? I mean he died in 1977 so anyone roughly under say 44 has no memory of him as a living person! Obviously he has an important place in Vegas history but it seems, other than as a nostalgia factor a la The Rat Pack, there's no benefit in making Elvis a huge part of modern Vegas. Vegas needs more than just Elvis and classic rock fans (50-70+ year olds), and club kids (20's), in order to survive/thrive.