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Some Vicksburg, MS comments

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Friday, 9th November 2012 4:09 pm
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During the past 12 months, the wife and I visited Vicksburg, MS five times. The primary reason is travel here instead of Biloxi was to compete in an organized run. They have an annual 5-mile run across the MS River into LA and back plus a 10-K run in the military park. We competed in the 5-mile twice plus once in the 10-K. Two trips were to practice for the 10-K race since this is a tough course with many hills and turns. Below are some comments of these trips.

• Although four casinos are in this town, I play only at Ameristar.
• You can not walk from Ameristar to the other casinos, so I did not visit any of the others during these trips. Plus Ameristar has the most craps tables (three) and the others have just one.
• The other casinos are okay, but nothing special.

• We stayed at Ameristar each time. This is the only place she will stay at. We started going to Vicksburg in 2003 and stayed here all but one time (Isle of Capri, now DJs).
• Hotel rooms are not that big, but still good. These were updated a couple years ago and are much more appealing and comfortable. Free room wi-fi and coffee in the lobby in the mornings.
• No fitness center.
• I do not order a steak at the Ameristar steakhouse anymore; just not that great and I cook a better steak. But their ribs are worth trying. Service is hit-and-miss at this restaurant.
• Ameristar used to give you a free breakfast buffet for staying at the hotel. But economic conditions changed that and none of the casinos have a breakfast buffet now.
• We have gone over to the outlet mall during these five trips to shop at the Reebok outlet and see what else is going on in the mall. The outlet has an Italian restaurant called of all names, Billy’s. But we tried the pizza our last trip and were really pleased. In fact, we have this on the to-do list for future trips.

• A few things about Ameristar that can be not favorable to some: have to take a shuttle from the hotel to the casino; no bottled beer, only draft; service at times could be better.
• They used to have a live band each weekend in the tavern, but now just have a DJ. They had some really good blues bands play here, so that is one big noticeable effect of the continuing bad economy.
• In March, you could not easily walk around the casino due to crowds, had to wait for restaurant seating plus a spot to open at the craps table. Each trip afterwards the crowds were less and no wait was needed during the Oct trip.
• Ameristar is collaborating with MLife, so your Vegas MLife play gets you some credit at Ameristar and receive MGM offers. My Vegas MLife offers are better from MGM than from Ameristar.

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