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Horseshoe Cleveland

Last edit: Stosh on Friday, 11th May 2012 3:33 pm
Last response by akinohio 18th December 7:36pm

Ohio gets it's first casino monday night, and I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are.

100% non-smoking. This should be an asset, except they are not marketing it as such, which makes me wonder how many midwest gamblers are gonna make the drive only to find out they must spend their leisure time walking outside (onto urban city streets in Cleveland's case).

No free drinks. Horseshoe Cleveland is located in the downtown public square, surrounded by multiple entertainment districts. Part of their deal is that the casino will not be comping drinks.

The 1st phase is located in the old Higbee building made famous in A Christmas Story:

While the location is awesome, the no smoking and lack of free drinks makes me wonder how well this will serve the market.

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 jinx73 responded on Friday, 11th May 2012

They'll do just fine, Cleveland has been a feeder market for Detroit, Windsor, WV, and Erie for some time now. I expect it to put up big numbers for Rock Gaming and Caesars.

 kstrehle responded on Saturday, 12th May 2012

I'm in Cincinnati, about 4 1/2 hrs from Cleveland, 90 min from Columbus (also opening this year) and 10 or 11 months from Horseshoe Cincinnati. There's been a lot more talk around here about the no smoking than the no comp drinks. All the Indiana gambling boats make you pay for drinks so that isn't going to be a big deal to this market since everyone is trained to (over)pay for cocktails. But, the Indiana boats (which BTW, do not sail, and one of them doesn't even float anymore) also allow smoking. However, even with the no smoking laws, I really think that the Cincinnati casino is going to do some serious damage to the near-by Indiana boats: Hollywood, Rising Star & Belterra. So to answer your question, I don't think Cleveland's no smoking policy will have any negative effect.

This leads me to to take this topic for a little spin... Will Cincinnati's casino hurt the Indiana boats?

Hollywood is the closest to Cincinnati (+/- 30 minutes) and the biggest. They've become arrogant and personally, I won't ever have a reason to go there once Cincinnati opens. Rising Star is between Hollywood and Belterra and my guess is they might last a year after Cincinnati opens. Belterra is about halfway between Cincinnati & Louisville and with Horseshoe SE Indiana across the river from Louisville, they're not going to get the same crowd. They do have a really nice hotel and great golf course so that will help them. Rising Star also has a hotel and golf course but due to their location, I don't think it can save them.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

 jinx73 replied on Sunday, 13th May 2012

I don't think the no smoking policy will mean much, considering bars have been there for 5 years or so, I think most are used to it. Maybe it might matter for Cincinnati where it's 30 minutes away to an alternative, but to far for Cleveland's alternative. Does Hollywood near Cincy allow smoking, considering they won't even hire smokers in Toledo or Columbus.

 Stosh responded on Tuesday, 15th May 2012

just got back home.

Got in line at 2:30 am and waited 15 minutes.

The joint is swank. Gotta be the cream of the crop for the Horseshoe brand, at least until Vegas or the phase 2 in Cleveland opens. GREAT food court choices with Iron Chef Michael Symon from The Chew having a Bspot there. Much of the historic details remain, and they took molds from the old brass rails and replaced them with identical new ones. dramatic high ceilings on level 1, more intimate site lines elsewhere.

Slots and tables were packed at 3am opening night obviously, and the staff handled everything with a smile.

Waaayyy too exhausted to up any pics, but the place is pretty damn classy. 4 levels, with 2 essentially committed to the buffet and poker room/Diamond Lounge.

Haven't been to a Horseshoe, but in simplest terms the joint feels kinda like a Greektown and Encore mashup, yet 100% Horseshoe.

Fwiw, Parking was only $10 at many lots in the area, and we easily found an off hours street meter at 2 am on a tuesday for free.

 kstrehle replied on Friday, 18th May 2012

Thanks for the info.. Looking forward to hitting Cleveland this summer. Can't wait till Cincy opens in about a year.

 wpsteel66 responded on Thursday, 31st May 2012

I was in Tunica, MS last week and many of the dealers at the Roadhouse and Horseshoe said to me that they were "asked" to move to Cleveland to open this new Horseshoe.

Most basically said Tunica is bad, but Cleveland would be worse. Plus they did not like the thought of snow.

 akinohio responded on Tuesday, 18th December 2012

The Horseshoe Cleveland has been open for awhile now and I've been there a few times. Here are my thoughts so far:

1) No smoking isn't a big deal. There is a rope line & canopy up front where people smoke.
2) No free drinks isn't a big deal. People don't mind spending a few bucks for drinks. (I saw quite a few people drinking and prices didn't seem to be very inflated.)
3) Dealers/Pit Crew are very green still and prone to make mistakes so make sure you keep an eye out for what is going on in all games
4) Space is very limited in Phase 1 and they have packed the place as much as possible with various games. Be prepared to wait to get on a Blackjack table on weekends or to play $50/hand or up.
5) Parking situation is interesting - the Horseshoe garage is basically the garage for Quicken Loans Arena and parking is $25 for nights and weekends. If you gamble for 30 minutes you will get a coupon for free parking. Location of the parking structure is a bit puzzling because it isn't attached to the casino and you have to walk like 150 feet to get to the Casino. In bad weather I can see this becoming an issue. Valet parking is equally bad from a location standpoint because you still have to make the same walk and I don't think there is a coupon you can use for
6) The Horseshoe is putting alot of effort into marketing this place with tons of offers to locals.
7) Furniture and fixtures are all nice but I wouldn't say opulent. For AC gamblers, this isn't like the Borgata or Revel and for Vegas people it isn't like Cosmo/Aria/Wynncore.. The place is much more like Caesars AC but smaller.
8) This is a nicer part of Cleveland but you can go a few blocks away and see buildings that are boarded up.
9) No hotel attached to the casino is a big deal. They have deals with local hotels but nothing really is next door so I think this is a major detractor from making Cleveland a gambling destination.
10) There is a decent food court (mid-scale) but it is very small and I don't think it's all that special.
11) They have a buffet called Spread which looks quite nice and whenever I've been there over weekends it has had a line to get in which is a good sign of the quality.
12) The bar is nothing fancy. They need to get a few swanky bars in here.
13) No nightclub, comedy club or other entertainment here.
14) Poker room is pretty comfortable. They have limit and no-limit holdem games as well as Omaha. I played 1-2 no-limit and the players were pretty decent but not as good as AC or Vegas players. The wait for poker isn't too bad. Opening weekend it was horrendous with an hour wait to get on a poker table. Nowadays on the weekend you may wait 15-30 minutes at most. Poker room has maseuss's who will massage you while you play.. I saw people getting massages and I'm pretty sure its expensive but looked like it was amazing.
15) There is a small gift shop but its not attached to the casino.. It's attached to the parking structure instead.