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Does anyone hate the look of citycenter and modern hotels in las vegas?

Last edit: greenperson1 on Wednesday, 30th June 2010 1:45 pm
Last response by groovyTuesday 11th August 11:01am

I just came back from Palazzo but while I was on the strip I noticed citycenter and cosmospolition look like ugly office building towers that don't light up and fit in. And Blackjacker1979's review of Palazzo was completely different than what i encountered, since i got a nice room on the 47th floor with nothing missing and no scratches except for a tiny piece of cracked marble.

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 blackjacker1979 responded on Wednesday, 30th June 2010

You got lucky. I just stayed at Venetian and had the same experience, I got a wonderful room at the Palazzo. For those confused, I'm just stating the fact that the rooms between the two are now so similar I really don't see the difference. Maybe an extra piece of furniture. That was it. I stand by my dislike however, most likely because the whole trip I was inundated by the smell of an old Italian woman and the looping Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. Come on now.

As far as they go, well, its really personal preference. Personally, I enjoy the look of Aria, Vdara, the MO and Crystals, and especially the Veer Towers. They are modern, but this has many different reasons other than simply looks. The curtain walls are high tech, and help them get that LEED certification they really need. Add the fins for sun deflection and the reflections/colored glass and you really start to make something interesting as well as protecting the buildings from the glare and heat of the desert. Personally I think the staggered facade of Aria is one of the most beautiful in the city, although it is quite the antithesis of the simplicity of Wynncore.

As far as Cosmo goes, pay a bit more attention. There is quite a bit of detail in the facade, striped black matte and gloss glass, and some very interesting angles there. It's hard to see beyond the terraces, but even those are beautifully put together. Personally I believe the facade at strip level is one of the most complex and beautiful pieces of design I've seen put in Vegas in a while. Add to all of that the exterior lighting (never fully turned on as of yet) that exists on both buildings and they are extremely unique looking and will impress. Modern is hard to stomach, but if you look they have just as much detail as places like Palazzo or Bellagio, just on a different ideal.

 Romaman responded on Wednesday, 30th June 2010

I agree with greenperson1. I took some aerial view photos of the Strip from the plane and, it seemed like the whole skyline was covered with City Center and Cosmopolitan buildings cause', it was blocking dwarfing all the other unique, themed resorts like NYNY, Paris, MGM etc. City Center just doesn't belong in Vegas with its glass structures and office building styles that belong in LA or Dubai.

Planet Hollywood's Westgate and Fountainbleau are the exception.

 MinVegas responded on Thursday, 1st July 2010

FB is the ugly muddah. Not only is huge and angular that it looks like a giant Monopoly Building that accidentally got knocked over on it's side, but it really dings the view from the Stratosphere.

Le sigh...

 tward40 responded on Thursday, 1st July 2010

I think the problem is there is a mish mash of different bldg. styles on the strip. Which quite frankly the various bldg styles make the strip look junkie. The bldging of the strip wasn't well thoughtout by the City of Vegas. I had hoped when they started redoing Vegas back in the late 1980's they should have kept with the "Old Vegas Theme" of bldgs with a modern twist. The strip looks like a cross between 1930 and 2010.

 groovyTuesday responded on Wednesday, 11th August 2010

City Center was a crazy idea come to life.
The FountianBleu is an eyesore! The worst building on the Vegas least they could have pretended it was something like the Ceasers Palace empty building....looks finished outside. No one would know.
Now that Mr I owns it I am sure he will turn it around in all due time. He did good with Bob's Baby (The Strat).
I honestly didn't care enough to go check it out when I was out there last. looks crazy from the skyline. Maybe the lighting will make it fit better. we'll see. GT