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Last edit: Chuckmonster on Monday, 22nd October 2007 10:45 am
Last response by RockVegas 27th October 12:30pm

Along with the recoding and redesign, we've added a bunch of new doodads that I thought I might point out.

The site width has expanded from 800 to 1000 pixels, giving us more breathing room and better spacing between the stuff. VegasTripping is jam packed with information, sometimes to the point of claustrophobia. Having more real estate solves all of this as well as provides more opportunites for better user interface.

With more and more people getting larger monitors (97% of you are using resolutions greater than 1026) we've decided to expand the breadth of our typography by making the headline fonts larger and the footnote fonts smaller. We've also incorporated more weighted tag clouds as jump points to random areas of the site. We've also switched fonts, from Trebuchet MS to Arial, Helvetica. Trebuchet, while interesting, is an extremely noisy font that is quite difficult to read for long periods of time. You'll notice that reading feature articles is a lot easier now with the sharp lines of Arial, Helvetica, increased space between lines of text and the better contrast of text and background.

As you've probably seen, the homepage has a tabbed listing of Las Vegas hotels sorted by neighborhood with high resolution background photos, that whizzes around when you click the tabs. Diving into the hotel guide is now an experience of discovery instead of locating that teeny weeny drop down with the listing of joints in it. Fun!

We've also cleaned up the listing of the Features, News, Board and Show guide links all over the place. The right column has a tag cloud that features a lot of the links that we used to have in the left column on the old site.

We've parsed news postings into categories to help y'all filter through them based on your interest. You can now see the latest Mergers & Acquisitions, Wayne, Macau andNote To Self posts depending on your interests. There are 16 categories in total.

Hotel Guide:
We've added a bunch of little tweaks to the hotel guide pages. Now, neighboring joints are now linked so you can easily jump from joint to joint in a given area. Shows for a given joint are also listed on its hotel guide page You can also "Add To Favorites" and go to the Tweak Favorites pages with two clicks. Also ratings of hotels now go 'one louder' we're using a six die system, so upgrade your top picks.

Show Guide:
The show guide also now has better category listings, 13 in all, and the "You might also dig this" has a better algorithm to pull those shows from the database.

We've upgraded the maps and made them really big so you don't have to squint to read the hotel names. We've also added newly closed joints to the Strip History map as well as made a list of what used to be on a given property before the current joint.

Trip Tips:
Page layouts have been redesigned and WiFi/Starbucks listings have been completely updated. We also added some better information about Las Vegas weather, what to pack and updated and clarified a lot of the trip tips.

The Board:
The Board has gotten wider, fonts changed to Arial/Helvetica and we've made the post listings on the main page as well as the sub board pages a bit smaller so we can get more topics on a page. The right column on the sub board pages also have more posts in them and now scroll so you can see even more topics that might interest you. The next round of enhancements to the board will be having the ability to sort posts based on "recent responses" instead of just by the date a thread was created.

We've expanded the width of the column where the features stories exist to make them easier to read (larger fonts) as well as use larger, higher resolution photos of the rooms, food etc.. We've also redesigned the Features Archive page. Finding and discovering older feature articles is a pleasant experience instead of a microscopic one.

You can now upload your own avatar (jpg only!) to use on your MyVegas page. We've also completely revamped the "Pimp Profile" pages. Now the profile, Fave 10, Bio and Trip Count down information is on one page, and the avatar, background selection is on another page.

We've also made adding Favorite joints to your MyVegas page even easier with a one stop, one click add and remove interface that is also animated. Rating, reviewing and imploding your favorites has been upgraded as well with one click ratings, easy editing and saving of reviews and hysterical implosion animations.

Also, MyVegas Member pages now have a cleaner url without all the query strings. The design of the member pages and the members gallery has expanded and the layout is a lot cleaner and easier to read.

We really hope that the new version of VegasTripping makes your visits here much more pleasurable, navigation easier and gives you better access to the information that will make your Vegas trips awesome.

We are aware of some of the weird layout bugs on IE, and some folks are saying that The Board is running slow or even crashing on IE6 and IE7. Please let us know of any display or functional bugs you come across and we will get them in the queue for repair.

Enjoy VegasTripping 4.0!


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 RockVegas responded on Saturday, 27th October 2007

I love the new site. It's got lots of cool new links and it's easy to navigate. I really like my own countdown clock on MyVegas page. Great job.