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Pit boss email anagrams

Last edit: donnymac66 on Wednesday, 29th August 2007 11:19 pm
Last response by donnymac66 6th September 11:55am

I got a few

"Went Way Neon" - Wayne (where's the F) Newton
"Nanny Gads" - Danny Gans
"Turd In Rear"
"Newsy Vent" - Steve Wynn
"Limo Fang"
"Bagel Oil" - Bellagio

The Megabucks Progressive:

"A Shaven Pigpen Thaws"

I'll be back for more

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 vespajet responded on Thursday, 30th August 2007

"Turd In Rear": Rita Rudner
"Limo Fang": Flamingo

Here's some more:

Alas Pacer Aces
Retreats Posh
Dogleg Net Gnu
La Nerd Lent Pen
Crap Or Tot
Coiled Liqueurs

 donnymac66 responded on Thursday, 6th September 2007

The Megabucks Progressive:

"What happens in vegas"