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Vegas to Los Angeles

Last edit: RockChickX51 on Tuesday, 6th October 2009 10:36 am
Last response by RockChickX51 8th October 5:28am

Alright so goin to Vegas in December and I just found out my future husband has never been to California. So since we're going to be in Vegas for a week I figured we'd take a day or 2 out of the city of lights and head over to the city of angels.

I've been to Los Angeles twice. Both times we're on a side trip out of Vegas. I don't remember the route we took because I didn't drive (and I was only 17 and 19 when we went, I'm 24 now).

I'm really really good with directions (my mom says I'm a walking map).
What is the best way to get around Los Angeles without sitting in all the traffic? I know there will be traffic no matter what day or what time of day we go over there but I was just looking for a way to hit the LEAST amount of traffic.

I don't know if we'll drive all the way to the coast, but I know we're going to just go explore north(ern) Los Angeles. Maybe West Hollywood, see the Sunset strip, something like that. Hollywood gives off a sleazy vibe which is something I love.

So the best way to get to the Beverly Hills area would be to take I-15 to I-10 and stay on I-10 until it turns into 101? (Which will probably be the most traffic ridden way ever) Or take I-15 to I-210?

If we decided to not drive back to Vegas and just stay the night in LA, where would be an alright place to crash for the night?

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 MinVegas responded on Tuesday, 6th October 2009

If you just want to see the Hollywood touristy urban stuff, you could do a very un-LA thing and ride the Red Line. It has stops at Universal Studios, Hollywood/Vine, and Hollywood/Highland, meaning you could walk Hollywood Blvd from one stop to the other then ride out of that area completely. Then you could go back to the car and drive off to beaches or whatever are in the burbs. is a list of parking lots near rail stations. Whatever you do, just stick around the Red Line because it hovers close to the touristy zones, while other lines (hello, Blue) go off into dangerous territory. I have no idea where the freeways and stuff are in relation to these.

But seriously, though? You want your husband to have a good impression of Cali? Fuck LA, go to San Diego. They may not appear in as many movies but they have less traffic and a downtown you can actually do something in other than just walk around until you get held up.

 RockChickX51 replied on Tuesday, 6th October 2009

Yeah I've been to San Diego too. It was nice.
But I think we've pretty much axed the L.A. idea altogether.

Since we're renting a red 1970 Cadillac DeVille convertible in Las Vegas I think we're just going to ride out to Barstow, take some pictures in the middle of the desert, do some Fear and Loathing type pictures.
We're going to drive down Route 66 for a little bit, just long enough to find a mileage sign for Barstow and get some pix.

We're going to go out to Cali late next year and go to LA, San Fran, Monterrey, and somewhere else. We're going to make that an entire separate trip since there's so much crap out there that we both want to do.

 rbg81601 responded on Wednesday, 7th October 2009

Where are you renting the Cadillac? I have a 76 Eldorado Convertible at home and have always dreamed of driving it out to Vegas, but considering it gets 7 miles to the gallon it would cost $600 just in gas -- so I've always thought about renting one out in Vegas.

 RockChickX51 replied on Thursday, 8th October 2009

There's a 1976 which Eldorado on and there's a red 1970 Cadillac DeVille on
We're getting the Cadillac DeVille because it's red and it's cheaper than the ElDorado.

We're actually buying an ElDorado after the first of the year. There's a car lot here by my house that sells classic cars (in good condition). We're getting it and putting bullhorns in the grill of it.