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Ok I finally need help...

Last edit: RockChickX51 on Sunday, 20th September 2009 2:03 pm
Last response by mrdoopey 30th September 9:00pm

I need someone to help me come up with a funny one liner for my Vegas wedding invitations....I've found a couple quotes online but nothing that really "packs a punch." I don't want them to be offensive (I'm sending them to all of my relatives) but I want it to be creative and original.

So far I've got

"We've rolled the dice and hit lucky number 7 - now we're getting married in Vegas!"

"Pack your bags, get out of town, head to Vegas, and double down!"

Of course all of these are followed by the cheesy
"___ and ___ are inviting you to join in their happiness as they wed on December 7...blah blah blah."

Any and all suggestions will be noted!!!!

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 vespajet responded on Sunday, 20th September 2009

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas... Except For This.......
_____ & ______ have decided to go all-in and get married in Vegas......

 Spyder responded on Sunday, 20th September 2009

We invited everyone to join us on our holiday.... oh ya, and the wedding too... seemed to make most people smile. When what I really wanted to say was "HOLY SHIT I'M GETTING MARRIED AND I'M DOING IT IN VEGAS SO I CAN BE PISSED OFF MY ASS" But we, me and Tina that is, decided that didn't have a good ring to it

 MinVegas responded on Sunday, 20th September 2009

It's a Vegas wedding!
Except this one is expected to last.
And there will be less embarrassing displays of drunkenness. (Maybe.)

 RockChickX51 responded on Monday, 21st September 2009

Well we wrote something up last night that said

"We did a spin, the slot went ding,
so now we're doing our thing and getting married by the king!"

But the first line sucks and needs to be replaced with something else. Since we're gettin married by Elvis we wanted to put something about the King in it.

My mom came up with some cheesy crap last night
"Two hearts unite in the eyes of the lord on this day of December 7th....blah blah blah" it was followed by about 3 bible verses and some flowers and super cursive letters and it was boring and sounded like something someone's really old grandma would type up.

 vespajet replied on Monday, 21st September 2009

It's not that bad. The first line needs a slight tweak with a nod to Frank Sinatra:

We did a spin, the slot went ring-a-ding-ding,
So now we're getting married by the King.

 mrdoopey responded on Wednesday, 30th September 2009

Hope it's not too late, and hope you like limericks!:

_____ & _____ are to be wed
It's in Vegas, so go ahead!
But don't lose your chips,
by strolling the strip,
when you can come to the wedding instead.