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wynn room discounts up to 2/3 off. WOW

Last edit: suzibr on Friday, 14th August 2009 10:26 am
Last response by suzibr 4th September 8:40pm

Promotion code AESEL.

SALON SUITE USUALLY $700.00-$1,100. ARE $350 NOW. 1900 sq. ft. 50 inch flat screen look it up on you tube. I've stayed there for b-day at $1000. nitely

PARLOUR SUITES $250.00 USUAllY $600. 1000. sq. ft.
Jump on this one soon. on-line first seal the deal. Then call reservations to make sure it's non-smoking and the right color, and will they give an addition comfirmation.

I'm going Oct. 4-8.

Don't know if there are any restrictions. If the computer doesn't take it initially, try again. This has to be the best deal ever! (aside from all nites comped)

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 Atltrainman responded on Friday, 14th August 2009

Appears to only be valid until the end of September. I tried some random dates in October, November, and December and it came back indicating no rooms available.

 TIavEN replied on Friday, 14th August 2009

It's only valid for the midweek (Sun-Thurs). Still, it's a pretty sweet offer.

 suzibr responded on Friday, 14th August 2009

It's still good in Oct.

 MikeE responded on Saturday, 15th August 2009

Keep in mind that this is part of the "American Express Selects" promotion. If you don't have any issues reserving, you may run into a problem checking in with any card other than an American Express. For these rates, it's definitely worth an application, though.

 suzibr responded on Saturday, 15th August 2009

The reservation deck said something about this being an Amex deal, but the computer on-line accepted this reservation.

I do have an Amex just in case- but guys- 1900. sq. feet salon suite, massage room, powder room,full bar, banquet for eating 50: flat screen, 42 flat screen bedroom,13 inch remote in bathroom, and all others.

Just one more thing get rollaway beds there is only one king bed. They're really comfortable, and tip house keeping 20 bucks, and there will be no $50 a nite charges for them. (unless three are brought up same time-maybe$30.)
Ask for the cherry and chocolate room colors.Insist! I was in the beige one and it was dull. Great place to have a great party, and then the concierge can get you into any niteclub sans cover charge. Remember "you're in the tower suite section. Also if you didn't already know. Leave from the Tower section where the fish are and the Phatom cars. NO wait for a taxi.
Cam u tell I'm goosed about this?

 MikeE replied on Saturday, 15th August 2009

Rollaways are free in the either Wynncore Tower Suites section.

 blackjacker1979 responded on Tuesday, 1st September 2009

so this is a great deal right? so great I booked a salon suite for this labor day weekend, 1600 for three nights.

but here's the catch. the AESEL code is for American Express members only, and you must prepay the entire amount. luckily I called reservations to confirm the room and was told this, and as I am a card member but AmEx decided due to the "economic climate" to cut my limit, I can't purchase it right now. reservations though kindly moved me over to Encore with a 20% discount and resort credit.

just make sure if you want to use this code you are an AmEx card holder and can pay through the card per Wynn/Encore. if not you may end up with a headache upon arrival, or a good fight to get the rate you were quoted through a code that's reserved for AmEx users.

pick your battles wisely, grasshopper.

 suzibr responded on Friday, 4th September 2009

Figure this.
I must have gotten in under the radar, but charged only first nite on Visa.
I do have Am. Ex., but I think apply on-line first and see what happens.