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Mastodon and Dethklok tour this fall

Last edit: metalman6164 on Friday, 7th August 2009 12:08 pm
Last response by Misnomer 13th August 10:06am

I know there are some hardcore Mastodon fans on the board here. Don't know how many of you are fans of metalocalypse but this definitely looks like it will be a killer tour. More details here

brutal... m/

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 saharalv responded on Friday, 7th August 2009

i will be dere.

 RockChickX51 responded on Saturday, 8th August 2009

Yeah I'm going to this. It's coming to Orlando November 7th. I saw Dethklok the last time they came with Chimaira and Soilent Green. It was a good show. The video they played while "Dethklok" played was just like a really long episode of Metalocalypse.

BUT before that, I've got Mayhem Fest this Tuesday in Tampa (Marilyn Manson, Cannibal Corpse, and SLAYYYYYYER) and then sometime in October (don't remember the exact date) we're going to Cruefest (Motley Crue, Godsmack, and others)

 metalman6164 replied on Saturday, 8th August 2009

I missed mayhem fest when it came through Detroit last week. While I am always happy to miss Marilyn Manson I was super bummed out that I didn't get to see Behemoth and Slayer. However, I did see The True Mayhem a couple months ago. Who doesn't like to see some corpse paint and a pig's head impaled on a stick? The real thrill of that show though was that my band Writhing weaseled our way in as an opening band. Highlight of the year, easy.

 RockChickX51 replied on Sunday, 9th August 2009

A lot of people diss on Marilyn Manson. I have to give the guy credit, he's not afraid to be a freak. People talk about him all the time and how horrible he is and how everything he does sucks and how he encourages kids to kill themselves (which is horsesh*t). But listening to his lyrics, most of them pretty much have that "I don't give a sh*t what anyone thinks about me, I've got the life you wish you had." It's a harsh truth, but a truth to most (I cannot stress enough on that word) of the people that hate him. I have to give him praise for that. I'm a brutal honest person and don't care. That's just me.

BUT between him and Rob Zombie, both of them are tied for the best stage show I've ever seen. Rob Zombie is WAY up there only because the first time I ever saw him live, one of his robot fireballs caught the stage on fire (and I like MM's big rifle/pistol cross circa 2001).

I've seen over 150 metal bands live...all the way from thrash, to rap-rock, hardcore, etc. You name the band, I've seen them live at one point in time.

I don't blame you for not like MM, a lot of people don't, and that's OK. I do though because of his attitude, and the one time I did meet him he was in street clothes w/no makeup on and is actually a really intelligent person to talk to (during the 10 minute convo I got to have with him).

 metalman6164 replied on Monday, 10th August 2009

No arguing taste I suppose. As long as we can agree on slayer I'm good.

 saharalv responded on Tuesday, 11th August 2009

No offense, but I find "MM" to be about as freaky as Leave it to Beaver. He's as kkkrazy as Miley Cyrus. Manufactured crap for the masses.
Check out the band Sunn0))). Listen to Attila sing. Look at him. He would make that freak MM crap in his pants.

 Misnomer responded on Thursday, 13th August 2009

I went to a show a few years back that was Shinedown, Godsmack, and Rob Zombie. Expected to like the first two, and not so much Rob Zombie. Turned out I was blown away by the Zombie set. He had John5 with him and that guy can shred. And the show itself was an incredible spectacle. Loved it.

Metalocalypse is quite possibly the funniest thing on T.V. I wear my Dethklok, "I Am a Cog in the Wheel of Klok - I Fear Not My Mortality" t-shirt all the time!