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Rare Vids of Bellagio from Oct 1998

Last edit: Romaman on Wednesday, 22nd July 2009 1:25 pm
Last response by Romaman 25th July 9:39pm

Here are some old videos of the Bellagio when it opened in 1998. These videos also shows the inside of the B before MGM took over and remodeled the place.

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 MinVegas responded on Wednesday, 22nd July 2009

Well, most of that opening report didn't get much of a reaction from me (except "egads look at how many of these news people are still working here") but the laundry list of resorts under construction at the end of the first video shook me up a little.

Damnit, I miss themed resorts. :(

 BrianFey responded on Wednesday, 22nd July 2009

I miss the themed resorts also.

I remember being there and walking through that night, when it opened at midnight. It was done the same way they opened Wynn. I stayed in the hotel the first night it was open, and it was plagued with small issues. Mainly I remember the door lock system failing, and getting locked out of the room, not once, but twice, during my short 2 day stay.

 Romaman responded on Saturday, 25th July 2009

I too hate the de-theming of resorts but not all the theme is gone.

I had a recent trip to Vegas and inside Luxor, sure there was modern stuff around but, about 85% of everything else in the ol pyrimid still had its Egyptian theme going on. The same thing with all the other resorts. Only like 15% of their themes are taken out.... except for Treasure Island and Monte Carlo. Those places are screwed.