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Sopranos : Final Episode Bets

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Thursday, 7th June 2007 4:56 am
Last response by donnymac66 11th June 6:37pm

I've been down for the count with a cold that won't quit for the last coupla weeks so the posting of Props has ceased - the best laid plans... blah blah blah. I'll compute the payouts for the last round in the next day or so.

So it's here - the FINAL episode of Sopranos and it's gonna be good.... here's a bunch of props:

F1) Will Silvio Dante die in the final episode?
Yes - 4-1
No - 6:5

F2) Will Phil Leotardo die in the final episode?
Yes - 12-1
No - 9:5

F3) Will Tony Soprano die in the final episode?
Yes - 3-2
No - 5-1

F4) Will the series end with a "To Be Continued..."?
Yes - 99-1
No - 2-1

F5) Will AJ Soprano get some balls? (very subjective)
Yes - 99-1
No - 2-1

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 missmonkay responded on Thursday, 7th June 2007

I can only hope that Phil bites it!

 donnymac66 responded on Friday, 8th June 2007

F! No
F2 Yes
F3 No
F4 Not blatantly but it will infer that there could be a movie
F5 Yes but only 1 ball

All in!!

 MinVegas replied on Sunday, 10th June 2007

The man is a psychic!

 Chuckmonster replied on Monday, 11th June 2007

Absoultely Psychic. Way to go Donnymac.

Your ALL IN bet wins you the whole schmear. Congratulations!

 donnymac66 replied on Monday, 11th June 2007

Thanks for the accolades. My psychic powers come from beer and Jack Daniels. I sincerely hope my winning streak lasts until my next trip to Vegas!! Thanks Chuck for a fun pool. Maybe an Entourage pool next time.

 MinVegas responded on Friday, 8th June 2007

Ah, I've had one of those colds. I'm too frazzled on this show to care for bets, so I'll just say: No, Yes, Yes, No, No.

I think there's a chance Agent Harris could save the day (there's a snitch in Phil's crew, and two guys the feds knew Phil had intentions of killing off are dead), but chances are Phil and Tony drag each other into death.

My predictions:
If Tony doesn't die, he's eventually jailed at the end
If Tony does die, he returns to the hell he saw in his near-death experience in 6a, the house where his mother and cousin are waiting for him. Although with his character transformations, he and his mother will probably have a lot of mutual admiration since he's pretty much inherited her personality, "aw poor you" and all.

And AJ has inherited her victims complex. And he was already having so much difficulty maintaining. *rolls eyes*

 wizardimps responded on Friday, 8th June 2007

Yes, Yes, No, No, No

They've been pretty adamant that they won't do a sequel movie, but a prequel is possible.

With his crew gone, will Tony end up in Witness Protection after testifying against the NY group?