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Tony the Tripper

Last edit: missmonkay on Tuesday, 15th May 2007 1:09 am
Last response by MinVegas 16th May 11:31pm

Man, Tony totally knows how to do Vegas.

This first capture is rad. It looks like an ad for Mercedes Benz:

So, what does everyone think he 'got'?

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 MinVegas responded on Wednesday, 16th May 2007

They sure tried to get the audience to hate the guy, and it worked for me. Just about everything after the doctor's visit was a total trainwreck, but it worked because it was supposed to be. "He's dead... *smiles, laughter* He's dead! *more laughter*" Eh, fuck you, T. Now I'm not at all choked up at the thought of the guy being plugged in his head and put underground, although I hope it isn't one of the leading internet theories.

And after reading a million-and-one theories as to what "I get it" means, I think I'll just have to wait for the next Doctor's visit.

 MinVegas replied on Wednesday, 16th May 2007

Went to Caesar's today and tried to retrace Tony's route. He leaves the Augustus Tower totally stoned (which is a bit strange since he originally drives to the hooker's place), meanders across the casino, and looks at a Pompeii in a bank just outside the lobby. The marquee on top of that slot says "Reel Power" and the cartoon devil's head is on a bank of five Diamonds and Devils games nearby, behind where the camera was during the shots of Tony.

Since Pompeii slots are seemingly everywhere, I figured there wasn't any under woven message in having Tony walk up to that machine like all the internet people who try to pick up messages from the Sopranos suggest, but now I can only guess that it's deliberate.

I didn't get much sleep at all last night, so I felt a lot like Tony out there. You should have seen me stick a bill into a breaker machine and then stand there for a full minute waiting for my change with glazed-over eyes while my bill sits there, rejected, in the bill taker.