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Happy B-day VT

Last edit: Spyder on Friday, 11th May 2007 6:20 am
Last response by Deltacape 17th May 7:58pm

I just thought that I should, as a new member of this great site, express my gratitude and thanks for doing such a great job over the past 3 years. I know right now yer house is almost on fire, but this is still the best Vegas information site (and other useless fun, Wayne F'in Newton fer one example!!) I've been to. So to Chuckmonste and Miss Monkay, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Keep up the good work, and lets all get together in the happiest place in the world and drink a few pints one day (I'm talkin 'bout O'Shea's BTW) Thanks again!!

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 donnymac66 responded on Friday, 11th May 2007

Happy Birthday VT! If you can't tell I really enjoy your site and all the great content. We will hoist a pint tonight to celebrate the birth of the best Vegas site on the net. I second the motion to have a pint(s) at O'Shea's. I am going to be in Vegas the week of Sept 9th and hopefully so is skinny sarcastic boy (aka Spyder). If y'all are there lets have some adult beverages and shots with a leprechaun. Again, Happy Birthday VT keep up the great work.

 cheerioh responded on Sunday, 13th May 2007

happy belated, vt! i'm still kind of a newcommer but the site keeps getting better with more features. but more than anything, the reviews, features, and the very helpful members on the board have steered me into good times in vegas- i couldn't be more thankful!

 Deltacape responded on Thursday, 17th May 2007

I too would like to thank Chuckmonster and Miss Monkay for all the hard work they put into the site -- It's a daily browsing stop that I can't live without! And I agree --- all VT Trippers need to meet up someday for a LV blowout! Here's to another three great years!