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Sopranos Dead Pool Standings and Three New Props

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Thursday, 10th May 2007 2:58 am
Last response by MinVegas 17th June 1:33am

Vegas Vics: ($1500/500 in)
prop 1: Leotardo $300
prop 2: Redemption/catharsis $200

Cheerioh ($1750/250 in)
prop 1: Paulie Walnuts $100
prop 1: Christopher Moltesanti $50
prop 1: Bobby Bacala $50
prop 2: Tony Lives - business as usual $50
prop 2: Wacked by Da Family $50

Donnymac66 ($1550/450 in)
prop 1: Bobby Bacala $150
prop 2: Wacked by Da Family $300

Miss Monkay ($1850/150 in)
prop 1: Leotardo $50
prop 2: Tony Lives - business as usual $100

Wizardimps ($1800/200 in)
prop 1: Little Carmine $50
prop 1: Christopher Moltisante $50
prop 2: Tony Lives - business as usual $100

- - - - - - - - - -

Prop Parlay 3 - What happens to A.J. :
7:5 Lives - business as usual
3-1 Dies - murdered
9-1 Dies - suicide
14-1 Lives - Kills Tony Soprano

- - - - - - - - - -

Prop Parlay 4 - Next person Christopher is gonna wack :
6-5 Paulie Walnuts
3-2 Himself
8-1 Tony Soprano
11-1 Bennie Fazio
20-1 AJ Soprano

- - - - - - - - - -

Prop Line Bet 5 - Next person to get whacked will be :
-170 One of the main characters
+150 Someone else

- - - - - - - - - -

Post your bets below in your own response. Anybody interested in joining the pool should get into it now - new bettors are welcome!

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 wizardimps responded on Thursday, 10th May 2007

I guess props 1 and 2 are closed?

Prop 3
$150 on AJ gets whacked

Prop 4
$150 on Chris whacks Paulie

Prop 5
$150 on someone in the field getting whacked

 Chuckmonster replied on Thursday, 10th May 2007

1 and 2 are still open, but you can't change previously made bets.

 MinVegas responded on Sunday, 13th May 2007

I'll get my last-minute bets in, but I won't know if I won until later because we watch this show together and it often takes a day or two until the whole family can find a time to watch.

prop 2:
Noo Yawk: $100
Da Family: $50

prop 3:
Lives: $200

prop 4:
Someone else: $150

(total bet, for my own sanity's sake: $500)

("You can't change previously made bets?" I give a big Paulie Walnuts "OHHHHHH!!!" to that one. The main characters risk levels are bouncing up and down by the episode this season. And I hate to ask for a definition of the word "whacked," but I figured the reason Junior's ranked so high in prop 1 is because his old age gives him a high chance of dying off naturally, not because there's a bunch of murderers after him.

Just call me Mr. Technicalities.)

 cheerioh replied on Sunday, 13th May 2007

... big Paulie Walnuts "OHHHHHH!!!"...

that's hilarious! this is how we greet each other at my regular poker night...

 MinVegas replied on Monday, 14th May 2007

Damn, I only needed ten minutes to find out I lost $150. (I wrote #4 when I meant to write #5 above, since "Someone Else" wasn't an option in #4 anyway. Blame after-midnight posting.)

So do props 1/5 reset? #4 is done.

 MinVegas replied on Sunday, 17th June 2007

I'm going to go ahead and add a post to this old thread for "Ohhhh!" and, namely, a whole bunch of them in a collage:

Heh, somebody had a lot of time on their hands. The one to the waiter who drops the f-bomb in the previous season is still my favorite.

 cheerioh responded on Sunday, 13th May 2007

cheerioh goes for some long shots, based on the fun, not financial success, of a recent Holywood Park dollar friday, and ears still ringin from Neil Diamond cover "Super Diamond"...

prop 3:
50 on Dies - murdered
50 on AJ Kills Tony

prop 4:
25 on Paulie
25 on Bennie Fazio

prop 5 line bet:
non main character finds adrianna.

(last week's episode was so friggin good, it's hard to see them topping it, btw...)