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Predictions for 09

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Sunday, 11th January 2009 12:43 pm
Last response by MrsHorn 7th July 9:10pm

Just finished watching Nevada Week In Review's predictions for 2009 and thought it might be fun to do something like this here, but more concentrated on casino and tourism stuff.

Add your top 5 predictions for 2009 and whomever has the highest win ratio at this time 2010 wins some kind of prize.

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 vespajet responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

MGM-Mirage will sell at least three properties, two in Nevada, one in Mississippi.

The Strip Plaza land will be sold to a casino company that does not current have a resort in Las Vegas.

The planned redo of the Lady Luck turns into it being sold to another Downtown operator (perhaps the owner of the Gold Spike)?

The Fitz is sold.

The Rio is sold.

 parchedearth responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

I don't think these will be shocking to anyone (and in fact are probably expected by many). My predictions center on the sell-off and closing of properties. With occupancy dipping around 50% at some properties, the big companies will start shuttering the older properties to raise the occupancy in their better properties. Condo sales will be a disaster with Fontainbleau and CityCenter following Trump and Signature with adding them to the hotel room inventory:

1. Harrah's will shutdown Imperial Palace and sell off the Rio.
2. Tropicana will close.
3. Trump International will go into bankruptcy.
4. Veer will be completed, but the opening will be delayed.
5. The financial bottom for the casinos will hit next August with year over year comparisons being easier starting next September.
6. I was a little suprised by the TI sale, but now its all but certain that Mirage will be sold off as well.
7. Station, Harrah's and Boyd are in even deeper trouble than LVS and MGM. I'm not sure how it will play out. I don't think they can shed properties fast enough to make it through.

 Shannon responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

1. Imperial Palace WILL NOT be closed. Harrahs cannot afford to close it, its making money and they don't want to end up like echelon and stardust.
2. Harrah's will Pawn off one or two properties from the Vegas Empire.
3. Plaza will get cancelled and the land will shuffle hands such as the former Crown Las Vegas land has.
4. Echelon will be further delayed at one point or another.
5. Harrah's will announce something big with Bill's Gambling Hall.
6. The Poker room craze will continue to die, with a fair couple more being shuttered.
7. The Wheel of fortune slots will continue to disappear until their numbers resemble that of 3:2 Blackjack tables.

My predictions were fairly wussy and obvious, so i threw in an extra two :P.

 vespajet replied on Sunday, 11th January 2009

7. The Wheel of fortune slots will continue to disappear until their numbers resemble that of 3:2 Blackjack tables.

They'll end up at Binion's? duck.....

 pokaplaya replied on Saturday, 21st March 2009

I agree about the poker craze. Its dying fast.

 socalduck responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

Okay, here goes:

1. Mirage does NOT sell, but NYNY does.
2. Approval is secured for extending the monorail to the airport, courtesy of the US taxpayer.
3. Tropicana closes. Why is it even open now?
4. China releases its stranglehold on visas to Macau, giving Las Vegas Sands a breather.
5. Card check legislation passes, Wynn dealers organize

 donnymac66 responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

1. 6-5 Blackjack disappears
2. Rio sells
3. Trump & ti do joint marketing
4. BeLIEve closes
5. More restaurants cut back hours/days of operation
6. Monorail shuts down (temporarily)
7. Fitz is sold
8. Sgt. Pepper's show at Hilton with Cheap Trick happens

 Atltrainman responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

During 2009 the following will happen:

1) Casino/Hotel resorts will continue to send out promo deals with hotel rooms at record low rates. When you go to book those deals, there will be no rooms available at the promo rate, but there will be rooms available at higher rates.

2) Some brilliant genius will try to combine a Cirque Du Soliel show with the American Idol TV show. This will have Randy, Paula, and Simon look alikes dresses in funny clown costumes and doing aerobatics while the Idol constestants tryout. The show will fail at the major strip hotels but find success in Laughlin.

3) Buffet prices will continue to climb as the quality and selections fall. A new buffet at the Viva McDonalds, with all you can eat Big Macs and Fries, will be a hit with children and parents will be forced to bring their kids there and to the co-branded Circus-Cirus McDonalds Adventureland park.

4) Construction scandels at City Center will continue to come to light as the Clark County building inspectors get told to do their jobs or they are fired. A major flaw will be found in one of the buildings, keeping it from every opening to the public and it will eventually have to be imploded.

 JeffinOKC responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

!. Penn National buys Mirage.

2. George Maloof partners with Poster & Breitling to buy the Rio.

3. Harrah's files for bankruptcy.

4. Chriss Angel is dropped from BeLIEve, but the retooled show continues.

5. El Cortez owners partner with Jack Binion to buy and finish Lady Luck project.

6. Saying "I've always been a CASINO man at heart" Terry Lanni buys Fitzgeralds from the bankrupt Don Barden enterprises.

7. Having determined his lawsuit against him caused all his bad Mojo, Sheldon Adelson hires John L. Smith as his communications director for a salary of $400,000 per year.

 Spyder responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

hmmmm, lots and lots of good answers but, these are the only predictions that I KNOW will happen

1- DonnyMac and myself are going to try to drink Vegas out of booze at least twice

2- A woman named Tina Brewer is going to make the gamble of her life, and depending on who you ask may or may not win (hint, she's the gorgeous creature that is marrying me)

3- Chuck WILL turn 40, Wynn/Encore WILL win because of that party

4- More and more ramblings on Vegas related pages/blogs/web sites/papers/magazines will make us snicker on a regular basis because all they are going to do is try to scare us away from Vegas - AND IT'S NOT GONNA WORK!!!!

5- Oh, and some casino related stuff will happen, they will be bought and sold, people WILL continue to gamble, construction will start then stop then start again, and other stuff too that really doesn't affect us, but we like to bitch/read about it all the time.

 KirkKerkorian responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

My future plans for 2009 are:

1. I will reintroduce an offer to take CityCenter and Bellagio private, which will be accepted one way or another.

2. I will NOT sell the Mirage. I have enough money and can finance CityCenter on my own, if needed.

3. CityCenter will become the marvel of the Strip, and change the direction of all future resort development in Vegas.

4. The economy will continue to slump, but MGM Mirage will rebound and bring in a crazy amount of profit, enabling me to purchase even more hotels on the Strip.

5. The MGM Mirage/Kerzner project will break ground and become an "encore" to CityCenter.

 fzagari replied on Monday, 12th January 2009

Kirk Kerkorian, wow. I didn't know that billionaires had time to waste on blogs and forums. What a joke! Who the hell are you really? FIRST OFF, I seriously doubt that dinosaur knows how to turn on a computer, he has to be 90 years old!! SECOND, who would want to pose as an a$$hole like Kerkorian??? Laying off people left and right, I was ready to quit because I couldn't stand the B.S. and I'm the Vice President of Engineering at Treasure Island and you can LOOK THAT UP! I'm grateful that Phil bought the property because I do like my job. I also read your profile, what a crock of you know what! King of Vegas?? The only pull that old fart has is within his own companies, just like any other owner would. PS: If Kirk had enough money to finance City Center then they wouldn't be selling Mirage and they would have not sold Treasure Island! Not rocket science.

-Frank Z.

 Chuckmonster replied on Monday, 12th January 2009

Lighten up, Francis.

 KirkKerkorian replied on Monday, 12th January 2009

Frank, Frank, let's not get carried away. Our great nation is currently in a terrible recession, and sadly, lay offs are very common. In a condition like this, not all major corporations are able to keep all of their employees, and very few are able to continue receiving raises in salary. As it is with nearly every major corporation, the newest and least experienced workers must be laid off so that the company will be bringing in more profit. Without a sufficient profit, none of the employees will be able to receive paychecks, which is far more disastrous. While we feel for all of those deeply affected by the recession, we are unable to hold onto every single employee currently working for us. I am sorry if you were in any way offended by this.

I am offended by your inappropriate labeling of me being an "A," which is very inappropriate. As a billionaire, I spend a significant amount of my money building hospitals and schools in the Greater Las Vegas region. I have also donated hundreds of millions of dollars to help support the citizens of Armenia recover and start new lives after the aftermath of the terrible earthquake of 1988.

And Frank, I want you to understand that I am the majority stockholder of MGM Mirage. I have handed off much of the control of the corporation to other trusted board members to ensure proper development. Many of the decisions that the company makes are not made by me, such as the firing of employees.

Also, realize that Kirk Kerkorian is a billionaire with far too much work on his hands to be blogging on the greatest Vegas website ever. As a staunch supporter of Kirk's philanthropic works and his influence on the development of Las Vegas, I have created this user page, much like there is a user page for Steve Wynn. Kirk Kerkorian has the smallest ego one can have. Regardless of his financial status, he refuses to attend interviews or be in the spotlight because he will be unable to live a normal life. I personally respect that very much. And as Chuckmonster perfectly stated, lighten up. :]

 nullzero00 replied on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

hey "Kirk", welcome to the board...i guess we'll chalk up your part-ownership and subseqent sale of 5% of Ford over the past 2 years as a
"whoopsie daisy"

 RockChickX51 responded on Monday, 12th January 2009

Alright here goes

1) Kirk and Steve will have a boxing match, Pay Per View brawl to end them all with the King of Las Vegas title belt at stake at the Thomas and Mack Center (or they'll have a demolition derby out at Sam Boyd Stadium- fight to the death optional)

2) Restauants will cut back their hours of operation/days open (already stated)

3) I agree with Shannon that IP will not close. With the crappy economy, people can only afford to stay at the low roller joints (I'm about to be included)

4) CityCenter's opening will be delayed

5) The Sigma Derby machine will finally be removed from the MGM Grand sending all my hopes of ever playing it again down the drain. OR casinos will realize how profitable Sigma Derby machines are and put them in all casinos. (I'm very concerned about the Sigma Derby for some reason)

6) Gavin Maloof will finally get beat up (or shoved off the balcony at ghostbar). I hate that guy. He's the prime example of everything fake in the world and I REALLY hate him. He's up there with Criss Angel.

Oh and who the F made the KirkKerkorian profile? That's funny.

 rbg81601 responded on Monday, 12th January 2009

1) 'Believe' will close and Chris Angel will become a fixture on 'The Girls Next Door'.

2) Treasure Island under Phil Ruffin's rule will resurrect Cold Beer and Dirty Girls. Perhaps even Bikini Bull Riding too!

3) Prostitution will be legalized in Clark County and all the hookers at the Wynn will stop killing themselves trying not to look hookery.

4) 'The Real World' will shoot a 2nd season in Vegas with an all stripper cast in a cross-promotional stunt with Olympic Gardens.

5) They will film 'A Day Without A Mexican 2' in Las Vegas, effectively crippling the porn slapper industry.

 BobStupak responded on Monday, 12th January 2009

I'm going to announce another run for Mayor or perhaps I'll run for Governor.

I'm going to win another WSOP bracelet.

I'm going to buy a casino, and no it won't be torn down to build a replica of the Titanic.

This is going to be the year of Stupak.

 pokaplaya replied on Saturday, 21st March 2009

go BoB..If I can Help you just get in touch with me.......mike

 Sperman508 responded on Monday, 12th January 2009

1... mgm sells off the mirage and bellagio...

2... kerzner buys land off mgm and plan to build "atlantis las vegas" as a solo project...

3... harrahs sells off rio and another las vegas property...

4... there will be a new owner of some downtown joint...

5... the cosmo will become a "w"...

 Atltrainman responded on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

1) Harahs will announce that they are going to postpone indefinity the opening of the new Octavius Tower at Ceasar's Palace. They will finish the shell of the building, but not finish the insides until they feel they can gouge the public for the rooms.

2) The buyout of the Golden Nugget and the parent company Landry's Restaurants by the current president will fail again, sending the stock to even lower levels.

3) Some gloryhound will announce plans for the worlds largest hotel to be build in Las Vegas. Reality will set in the next day as the world realizes it will never be built, meanwhile some archtecture student gets his drawings published in the local sucker newspapers.

 vespajet replied on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

Do you have last night's CASH 3 and Fantasy 5 numbers?

 Chuckmonster replied on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

vespajet... should i send repair bill for 'cleaning monitor from laughter induced coffee geyser' to you?

 vespajet replied on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

Send the bill to my accountant.

Dewey, Cheatum, & Howe
9764 Jeopardy Lane
Chicago, IL

 Atltrainman replied on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

The 1/13/09 Cash 3 Midday numbers were 838 and evening is 166.

The 1/12/09 Fantasy 5 was 1,6,12,17, & 27 and 1 player won $151,171.

Now next year when Chuck checks the preditions against the real events, he will see I was 100% correct and I should win the prize.

Now another prediction: Las Vegas and Nevada in general will continue to try to blame their downturn in visitors and revenues on anything they can, such as California raising taxes, or the general economic downturn, instead of taking some of the blame themselves for treating their visitors like crap and failing to see that high hotel rates, lousey slot paybacks, awful video poker paytables, and outrageous table minimum bets have driven the visitors away.

 rbg81601 replied on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

Las Vegas take responsibility for ruining their own free ride??? No way man. Hotel managers must be related to realtors - they all think that if they inch up the prices and someone pays them that they must keep inching them up and inching them up, even if there is no foundation for the increases, never imagining that at some point the bubble will burst -- either because people will not or cannot pay the price. It seems now things in both departments are settling back towards reality, but the hotel managers are already testing the waters, hoping to get their high prices back. Will they never learn??

 MinVegas responded on Wednesday, 14th January 2009

1) Casinos will be sold
1b) People will complain

2) Gambling odds will still be bad
2b) People will complain

3) People on VT make too many gimmick accounts
3b) I will complain

4) With any luck, I move out of this city and find new interests, meaning I'll return to lurker status on various Vegas sites
4b) Nobody will complain

 Rockymountainroller responded on Sunday, 18th January 2009

1. Pornslappers will start to wear white shirts and ties to give the impression that you may have a religious experience with handouts.

2. Area 51 planes will offer cheap flights to major cities using low cost funny looking pilots.

3. Hookers will go out on strike complaining of too much dirty talk.

4. Crapless craps at the Stratosphere will be deemed crap and tables removed.

5. The Deuce will go to 3 deckers and be called the Thrice.

 MrsHorn responded on Tuesday, 7th July 2009

Wynn buys a property back, hopefully the Mirage.