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Vegas Revolution

Last edit: RockChickX51 on Sunday, 4th January 2009 6:12 pm
Last response by coachceprice 11th January 5:33pm

Has anyone seen this show on the travel channel? It's a cool show but I think they need to change the name of it to "Shit in Vegas You Can't Afford."

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 rbg81601 responded on Sunday, 4th January 2009

Yep, I think I've seen all the episodes so far. It proved useful on at least one item - the restaurant Simon at Palms Place. It was excellent for lunch, and the desert they featured on the show which is a mix of cupcakes and cookies and other goodies - PLUS the most giant ball of cotton candy you have ever seen with an amazing chocolate milkshake to wash it down. The desert plate alone was worth having lunch there. Otherwise you are correct, it mostly highlights the Las Vegas none of us normal folks will ever see.

 RockChickX51 replied on Monday, 5th January 2009

Yeah I've always wanted to eat at a somewhat fancy restaurant out there but I'm not to big on fish, I can't bring myself to pay over $50 for a steak, and I'm just not big on gourmet food. But when I saw that about the Simon restaurant I thought it looked like a good place to go, then I got online and was shocked at how cheap the prices were for a "celebrity" chef restaurant.
And that dessert platter you're talking about is the Junk Food Platter. I want one of those. LoL

 coachceprice responded on Thursday, 8th January 2009

When is the show?

 RockChickX51 replied on Friday, 9th January 2009

It's Thursdays on the Travel Channel at 7pm and 11pm. There were only like 6 episodes of the show, I haven't seen any new ones come on but if you've never seen it then they're all new to you LoL.

 coachceprice responded on Sunday, 11th January 2009

Thanks, will be watching on Thursday