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Is VT Slow on XP?

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Monday, 30th April 2007 7:31 pm
Last response by krazyk 2nd May 10:38pm

We got an email the other day from someone claiming that VT loads really really slowly on Windows XP (the emailer didn't know what browser they are using - go figure).

Just curious if any other Trippers are having similar issues on Windows XP. FWIW it runs fine on our XP box. Vista - who knows... we don't have the cabbage to upgrade yet.

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 donnymac66 responded on Tuesday, 1st May 2007

XP good on both Internet explorer and Firefox.

And VT goes good with scotch, If you've had too much scotch the display becomes fuzzy, is that because of XP or excess??

 vespajet responded on Wednesday, 2nd May 2007

Running smoother than a 12 year old single malt on my rig using XP and Firefox. It load a little slower for me using IE7. Of course just about everything runs slower in IE in comparison to Firefox. I only use IE7 when I absolutely have too.

 Chuckmonster responded on Wednesday, 2nd May 2007

We changed up the way that Hotel Guide does comments & reviews. Added a little "rating" thing and made the process a little slicker and hopefully easier. Unfortunately the old comments had to be hosed. If y'all VT power users have a hankering to rate/review your fave & least fave joints and give this thing a test drive it would be most appreciated. Thanks!

 krazyk responded on Wednesday, 2nd May 2007

works fine on my XP machine at work. (IE 7.0)