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Last edit: Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 24th January 2007 11:39 pm
Last response by MinVegas 6th March 1:14am

Since this is brand new software, there's bound to be some kinks in the system. If you're experiencing difficulty loading pages or the layout is all wacked this is where you post any bugs you may find. The VT posse is at your call to fix any issues that may arise - that is, if we can get those dorks away from the poker table.

You can also post enhancement ideas, interface suggestions and other things that will make The Board whoop ass.

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 MinVegas responded on Tuesday, 6th March 2007

MyVegas bug: Under the whole "Done it?" boxes, I chose No for the hotels I've never stayed in. The page kind of reset and now my profile says I've stayed at MSS and Red Rock even though I never have.

Maybe just some sort of clikable "I've stayed there" image is better than a yes/no box for this sort of thing?