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Vegas verses .....?

Last edit: RockChickX51 on Thursday, 9th October 2008 12:10 pm
Last response by lowman 13th October 7:01pm

I wanted to know do "casino cities" fight for customers? I mean like do places like Atlantic City and Vegas compete for business?

I've always heard Biloxi and Atlantic City were for people who couldn't afford to go Vegas and I guess there's really no competition between anywhere and Vegas but do other cities still try to compete?
In marketing terms.....
"Why be in Vegas when you can come here!!"

People that have been to Vegas know there's no place like it. But first timers might have trouble deciding on where to go.

I'm having a hard time trying to word this question....I would like thoughts on those of you who get what I'm saying

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 gtadams5 responded on Thursday, 9th October 2008

We've got a number of casinos in the Chicago and NW Indiana area. Most of the casinos use their players clubs to get people to gamble locally, so they can get comped to Vegas. Some compare their casino to Vegas as in "just like a Vegas Casino" or "better action than Vegas". The only casinos that really market themselves as an alternative to Vegas are the Indian casinos. Most of our local casinos are owned by or affiliated with Vegas casino companies, anyway.

 lowman responded on Monday, 13th October 2008

No place in the world can compete w/ Vegas. I am sure there are whales from the east coast that Atlantic City can keep from going out west. But outside of that all the serious gambling in the world goes on in Vegas and
Macau. I work in the biz in the midwest, and most of our top 10% goes to Vegas a couple times a year, and blows about a month or two's worth a gaming dollar in a 3-4 day trip out there. It's Vegas. Who cares!