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Keef: I Couldn't Resist Grinding Him Up With A Little Bit of Blow

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 3rd April 2007 7:18 pm
Last response by Chuckmonster 5th April 12:49am

Hunter S. Thompson may be gone, but at least we have Keith Richards left. Apparently he just couldn't resist grinding up his fathers ashes and mixin em with a little blow.

At least it went down easy. This guy is my new hero.

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 vespajet responded on Tuesday, 3rd April 2007

I'll let the words of Denis Leary from "No Cure For Cancer" speak for me:

I was reading an interview with Keith Richards in a magazine and in the interview Keith Richards intimated that kids should not do drugs. Keith Richards! Says that kids should not do drugs! Keith, we can't do any more drugs because you already fucking did them all, alright! There's none left! We have to wait 'till you die and smoke your ashes! Jesus Christ! Talk about the pot and the fuckin' kettle.

 Chuckmonster responded on Thursday, 5th April 2007

Apparently Mr. Richards didn't snort his fathers ashes. Rats!


04.04.07 From Keith Richards
The story currently circulating around the net that Keith snorted his Dad's ashes with some cocaine is totally untrue. To set the record straight, Keith has sent us the following statement:

"The complete story is lost in the usual slanting! The truth of the matter is that I planted a sturdy English Oak . I took the lid off the box of ashes and he is now growing oak trees and would love me for it!!! I was trying to say how tight Bert and I were. That tight!!! I wouldn't take cocaine at this point in my life unless I wished to commit suicide."

He's still my hero.