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Gettin hitched

Last edit: Spyder on Thursday, 2nd October 2008 6:24 pm
Last response by RockChickX51 7th October 6:14am

At this point, we are gone to Vegas in about 35 days and something like 9 hours, and other than Madonna (bleh, who I'm actually not going to see) another reason I am going is that me and my lovely, talented and beautiful girlfriend have decided that Vegas is the place to get married!!!

Now what started as a simple elopement has evolved into something much, much larger. I think it's cause most of our friends don't really believe it will happen and they all want to witness it. But I need some help(and not to talk me out of it!!):

We are pretty sure we are having at the Flaming-O (price and emotional attachment really)

The boys (DonnyMac included) get to wear kilts (cause we Scottish and cool)

And we are looking at the end of Sept.

Other than that I NEED HELP!!

Does anyone know anything about booking in Vegas, I have been to 700 trillion (where'd I get that number?) websites about various things and I am lost!!

Do the wedding planners actually help or are they just there to take our cash? Is there a good place in Vegas to rent a kilt? Is the Flaming-O a good idea, or is it a dive (I really like it myself)? etc etc etc....

If anyone has any advice, or a good website or anything, it will all be very much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance VTers!!!

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 Chuckmonster responded on Thursday, 2nd October 2008

congrats spyder!

when we got hitched we looked at the hotel sites directly and requested info packages. we chose wynn even though it was more expensive. they handled absolutely everything and typically went above and beyond the call of duty. fwiw, our second choice was the flamingo.

whatever you do, don't go through a wedding broker. it will be more expensive and is essentially pointless.

 donnymac66 responded on Thursday, 2nd October 2008

What happened to the Casino Royale wedding with all you can drink Margaritas and Michalobs and fancy dinner at Dennys after???

 vespajet replied on Friday, 3rd October 2008

He could always have it at O'Sheas (Technically it is part of the Flamingo). Have the guy that dresses up as a leprechaun be the ring bearer, have beer pong at the reception......

 KungFuApril responded on Friday, 3rd October 2008

You could always have donnymac get ordained online (free) and perform the ceremony at your choice of location :)
A friend of ours did that for us...

 missmonkay responded on Friday, 3rd October 2008

Spyder -

End of Sept?


Also: When planning, we decided to go with the Wynn only after I called them and was told they would give us the 'cheap' package on the weekend. The website states that they do not offer it on the weekend, but our planner made an exception.

It was pretty easy and not too cheap - considering it was as close an elopement that we could get while still accommodating family who needed to see it.

However, I was pleased as punch that we spent that money on the joint of our ultimate preference.

 Sperman508 replied on Saturday, 4th October 2008

me and my girly are also plannin at wynn and the weddin planners are on point with everythin... theyre makin things happen...

 Spyder replied on Saturday, 4th October 2008

The Wynn is one we are looking at, and I have sent an email to them. Thanks fer all yer help and support tho... the bad part is goin in Sept to get hitched I may have to miss out on the big 4-0 for Chuckmonster..... that makes me sad....

 BlackHillsBoozehound responded on Friday, 3rd October 2008

Congratulations Spyder! Being relatively new to the board, I hardly know ye, but the fact that you're Canadian means that I already like ye.

KungFuApril and I were going to go this route as well, but then decided that we didn't want to waste our valuable Vegas time engaging in holy matrimony, so we did that locally, and just did the honeymoon in Vegas.

In case my lovely bride is reading, marriage is a sacred institution, and I just couldn't be happier.

(psst, Spyder, we'll talk later)

 KungFuApril replied on Friday, 3rd October 2008

Yeah, you're happy like a retard chasing balloons.

 BlackHillsBoozehound replied on Friday, 3rd October 2008

Hey, behave yourself. Don't be tardist.

 KungFuApril replied on Friday, 3rd October 2008

I can never be accused of being tardist. I married one. :)

 Spyder replied on Saturday, 4th October 2008

BHBH- Bad Husband Better Human?

Yah, we really should do some talking/drinking..... I can say stuff like this cause my girly girl isn't a member her yet. And I need all the advice I can get from the married folk out here

 missmonkay responded on Friday, 3rd October 2008

@ Kung-fu.

True story: I loaded up Tao's website to check on the Halloween stuff. As I was reading your post the song 'Let's Get Retarded in Here' came on.

 KungFuApril replied on Saturday, 4th October 2008

Ha! That's great! Now we're tard buddies. :)

 RockChickX51 replied on Tuesday, 7th October 2008

Hey I like that song!! LoL

Congrats Spyder!!

There's a place in downtown on Main Street called THE ATTIC. It's a vintage clothing store. You should all just go in there and get you some nice brown and orange 70's 3-piece suits and have at it. Vintage and Flamingo go hand and hand. As far as the kilts go I can't help you there.
Oh wait...or the Canadien tuxedos!! Denim all around!!

I think if I ever get married I'm going to get the attire at the Attic and then get married by Elvis.....classic Vegas.....