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Contest : If you were a casino mogul, what would you change?

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Saturday, 14th June 2008 2:28 pm
Last response by Chuckmonster 19th June 11:35pm

Here's another VT Birthday Party Contest!

The question is: if you were a casino mogul, what would you change to make it better for tourists as well as shareholders? Try and keep responses to only a few paragraphs. You should also write it in another application then come back to paste it in, cause the session login time might expire and you'll lose your post, and we dont want that.

The best response, as chosen by an impartial judge in the next day or two will win a copy of Christina Binkley's book "Winner Take All" which is all about the moguls who are making Las Vegas, generously donated to the birthday party by her publisher.

Let er rip!

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 vespajet responded on Saturday, 14th June 2008

No more 6:5 blackjack and any other gimmick variant thereof. All tables 3:2 regardless of it being single deck, double deck, or a shoe game. No machine shuffling period. Blackjack the was it used to be. I'd also loosen the slots a bit as well. If you make the casino more winner friendly, you'll get more folks to come and lose their money. Craps would be 10X odds.

As long as the gaming is good, the food is decent, the drinks are powerful, and the room somewhat comfortable, you do have a setup that suits most tourists/gamblers.

 Chuckmonster replied on Saturday, 14th June 2008

spoken like a true Binion!

 Chuckmonster responded on Sunday, 15th June 2008

Is this contest too hard or do y'all already have a copy of the book already? Cmon, lets get some entries!

 RockChickX51 responded on Monday, 16th June 2008

Affordable rooms! Seriously...I can't tell you how many people I know would stay at the Wynn if they would just drop their prices on their rooms. I would stay there and stay in the casino and gamble all day and all night if I could just afford a room there. I don't mean make the prices $59 a night or anything. Just maybe drop it a $100 or run better more affordable specials.
$350+ a night for a room? Seriously. Come on. I better get a massage and get laid for that price.
Everyone should be able to feel "fancy" just for a night or two. Nice casino, nice hotel room, let the people feel like their part of something. I feel like I'm part of something when I stay at really nice places (which has only happened twice and it was because someone else was paying, the nicest room I've ever had in Vegas was a bungalow suite at MGM Grand).

As far as the casino RULES go, I don't really know much about them (I'm not much of a table player) but the slots being a little looser doesn't sound like a bad idea.

 macauman replied on Monday, 16th June 2008

RockChickX51 said: -Seriously. Come on. I better get a massage and get laid for that price. Everyone should be able to feel "fancy"... -

lol, that was great!


 DTownSteve responded on Monday, 16th June 2008

What would I do? Send Vegas in the other direction. It seems more and more developments are either expensive condo/co-ops or super posh hotels aimed just at the upper limits of affordability for your average player. How about building a strip joint that acts like a downtown joint - no mall, no 30 celebrity chef restaurants; just a cool, hip, casino that opens directly to the street, maybe a swank restaurant or two, and inexpensive rooms. Think Las Ramblas (George Clooney's propsed place), only for the average player.

Oh AND any VTripping reviewers get discounted rooms :).

 macauman responded on Monday, 16th June 2008

" if you were a casino mogul, what would you change to make it better for tourists as well as shareholders? "

Hike the waitress skirts 3 inches and keep the booze flowin.

--Send hatemail to

Really, Vegas is a pretty fantasic place, but it would be nice if the casinos comped you with excursions to nearby attractions/activities, heli rides over the city, a bike tour; More creative stuff for the mid-level gambler.

Something different than just the room and buffet comp. It's nice to get these things comped, but you begin to expect this after a while and it gets a little old, or less exciting.

Vegas is all about the perception and reality of its excitement/entertainment factor, and it needs to keep those creative juices flowing, before it becomes a standard in peoples' frame of mind.

(I had to throw that last sentence in there for brownie points)

 rbg81601 responded on Monday, 16th June 2008

First, 90% of what most people use to decide where they stay is the room rate - there are some people loyal to one property and price be damned, but overall most vistors to Las Vegas bunk where the best rate can be had. And the room should be affordable and still comfortable, clean and a little nicer than your run of the mill La Quinta - not affordable because it is run down and shitty. If you offer nice rooms at a nice price people will stay in your hotel, gamble, eat, drink, get massages, etc. and not just use your hotel as a place to sleep and then vacate the premises as soon as their eyes pop open. And just because it is Saturday the same room that cost $120 on Thursday night should not cost $400.

Second, make the shows more affordable - $300 to see Celine Dion for 90 minutes is a too steep.

Third, knock off this "requests are not gauranteed" bull shit. If I reserve a non-smoking room with 2 queen beds it shouldn't matter when I arrive, that room should be available. No where else in the world that I have ever stayed did not have exactly what I reserved waiting for me when I arrive. I don't want to have to move the next morning into the room I reserved, I want it when I arrive.

That's all for now.

 DTownSteve replied on Tuesday, 17th June 2008

I think anything less than [i]them[/i] paying me $300 to see Celine Dion is too much...

 cheerioh responded on Monday, 16th June 2008

(i'll be thrilled if i'm ignorant and this is already going on, and i get schooled, but since i don't know anything about it, i'll speak as if it were a dream)

If I Were A Casino Mogul...
... what I would change is to show that you can run a real business, make real money, and not shit completely all over humanity. I'd make a casino that was as "green" as possible. Lots of improvements could be made- collecting compostable items, utilizing solar power. Recycling, reducing, and doing everything that flies in the face of what people perceive Vegas to be about sounds like a dream. The more ridiculous it seems the more strongly I'd love to see a casino run on such principles. I don't think it has to be done in a fiscally irresponsible manner to prove a point about being environmentally friendly, but it would be bold to take steps in that direction and show that you can still turn a profit while approaching resources more responsibly.

I like most everything about Vegas still. You could change the rooms or the food or the attractions or the odds. Or not. I'll still go. Vegas can still be Vegas, full of sin and naughty nights. Being a little greener would be good for tourists, shareholders, residents, children, hippies, and just about everyone.

 macauman replied on Tuesday, 17th June 2008

A green Vegas. Could it still be called Sin City??

Good suggestion.

 missmonkay replied on Wednesday, 18th June 2008


 donnymac66 responded on Tuesday, 17th June 2008

Hmmmmm If I was a casino mogul??

Well there are a few models to follow out there. I would take a lead from some of the best.

Benny Binion
Give the people a good gamble. Good rules and high limits on table games. Full pay VP and slots that give a chance.

Jackie Gaughn
Be a man of the people. Be in the casino and meet your customers, make sure they know their dollar is appreciated.

Steve Wynn
Build a great free attraction at your property like the fountains, the volcano, the sirens show or even a man made mountain and build great hotel rooms.
Wilbur Clark
Golf on the strip became common place after the Desert Inn attracted some of the best tourneys and celebrities to play. I would like to have seen the strip in the 60s when there were a couple of golf courses in between the hotels.

Bob Stupak
Every casino mogul needs to be a bit crazy and Bob definitely fit that bill. Outlandish games and crazy themed hotels were awesome.

Kirk Kerkorian
Build a huge property like the International Hotel and get a huge entertainer like Elvis to headline the showroom.

In addition to following in the footsteps of these visionaries donít forget to include:
Many dining options from the finest restaurants to the $7.99 Prime Rib in the coffee shop.
Awesome cocktail service. (More free booze = more gambling dollars)
Live entertainment in the casino lounges. Live music while gambling is awesome.
Now that would be my Vegas resort property.

 Spyder responded on Thursday, 19th June 2008

If I was a casino Mogul, wouldn't I be on a ski hill (too northern for some of you? Sorry)

Anyway, let's see.... I would do the following:

More freakin booze service and easier to get free (minimums on slots for free stuff, BAH not in my world), if Chuck and DonnyMac can't get their scotch/Miller lite on while beating the hell outta a VP machine, then they aren't happy men, and to see the two of them run amok in a casino is equal to the proverbial bull in a china shop.

Bring back Caribbean stud - mindless table games are all I'm good at, I just not a bright person!!

The dealers need some work. So, no more snagging of their tips to pay off the managers etc, higher wages, and let them have fun. We always play at smaller venues because the dealers and pit bosses actually smile and have a good time. They should be like that everywhere.

Add a coupla people to the front desk during peak hours of check in and out. On our last trip there were two people checking in a massive line of people and one of them either didn't speak really good English or the people she was helping didn't cause it took ferever (2 beers in line, to be exact).

Push for City bylaws banning children. Or at least charging the parents of really little kids (like 4 and under) that are still dragging them around the strip at 2 in the morning. Public hangings and floggings should be in order.

Ban really, really fat people wearing inappropriate clothing. I know that everyone has the right to express themselves, but really, a 300 lbs man wearing a speedo at the pool? A "hefty" lady wearing a belly shirt and micro mini skirt at Club 54 thinkin she looks like Britney? These people need to be stopped, for the good of mankind!!

Unionize the Pornslappers!!! Those little wetbacks need some benefits!!

Get rid of the attempts at humor on the monorail. Really that's all I gotta say about that!!

If Celine Dion ever comes back to Vegas, put a bounty on her head!! Then I would actually display the head in a jar (a la Futurama) in the center of my casino. And not even charge to view it!!

Make the carnival in the sky at Rio more realistic. Topless dancers, and ya only get the beads if ya show the goods (yes RockChick you too!!!)

There is probably more I should do like ban 6:5 blackjack (whatever the hell that means) or 10X odds on craps (again, huh? - see the comment about mindless table games), and bring minimums down. But really all I would want is lotsa people havin lotsa fun, drinkin lotsa booze. Oh ya, and bands, lotsa bands, live tunes all the time - rock, Rat Pack, you name it!!!

 RockChickX51 replied on Thursday, 19th June 2008

"Ban really, really fat people wearing inappropriate clothing. I know that everyone has the right to express themselves, but really, a 300 lbs man wearing a speedo at the pool? A "hefty" lady wearing a belly shirt and micro mini skirt at Club 54 thinkin she looks like Britney? These people need to be stopped, for the good of mankind!!"

The girl really wore a size 15, but she looked so good in the 12 she bought the 9.

 Chuckmonster responded on Thursday, 19th June 2008

And the winner is...


send your address to info [at] vt and we'll send out your prize as soon as we get it from the publisher.