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Steve Wynn: Super Villain

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Thursday, 5th April 2012 2:45 pm
Last response by andybflo 8th April 8:16am

I had a dream that Steve Wynn tried to murder me with poisoned soup. He played the villain part perfectly... he texted me the combination to a safe where the name of the chemical he laced in my soup was stored. This would assume he expected my death would be slow enough to be able to call 911, have them respond, have them find the safe and prepare an antidote. If that weren't enough, his uber hot henchwomen tried to suffocate me with a pillow from the Roger Thomas collection.

What a dick!

I'm sincerely interested to hear the analysis any professional or arm chair dream interpreters might have.

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 Oskee2001 responded on Thursday, 5th April 2012

Let's hear more about these hot henchwomen.

 Okie21 replied on Thursday, 5th April 2012

^Sounds like something a psychiatrist would say...

 level42 responded on Thursday, 5th April 2012

I think that's an episode of Vega$. Don't worry...Dan Tanna will save you.

 BigHoss responded on Thursday, 5th April 2012

I got yer analysis.

 RateVegas responded on Thursday, 5th April 2012

Le Reve indeed.

 Dave702 responded on Friday, 6th April 2012

I'm Steve Wynn. This is my new evil scheme.

The ONLY one I've ever signed my name to.

 andybflo responded on Sunday, 8th April 2012

Based on what a few good friends who were day one management employees when Wynn opened, and dozens, and dozens of incidental stories I've heard of current and ex employees...

I'm not sure it's that far off.

If you tune in to the next investor's call, he'll rant about how there's no opportunity for quality poison on the horizon, given the current political situation in the US. He'll merely put his poisonings on hold until after the next election.

I'm sure Elaine would have helped you, if she was still around though. She kinda balanced out his creepy-evilness.