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Bally Gaming Slot Apps for iPad

Last edit: MeltYrselfDown on Monday, 5th March 2012 1:28 pm
Last response by creamsissle 6th March 9:48am

Has anyone else checked these out?

This past weekend I was experiencing a particularly strong casino itch, and in a pizza and beer fueled frenzy on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I purchased like 5 or 6 of their slot apps. I figured it was better than trekking down to my local Brooklyn racino.
I'm generally not a slot player--I don't like throwing money away with little to no chance at seeing it come back--but I do like the occasional bonus round. So every once in a while I like to check the app store and see what they have to offer in the way of slot games. I've downloaded and subsequently deleted a fair few, I'm afraid, and until now have yet to fully enjoy a single one.
These apps, however, are a different story altogether.
They have: Code Red, Betty Boop Love Meter, Fireball, Vegas Hits, Cash Wizard, Playboy Hot Zone, Golden Pharaoh, and one or two more.
While these apps do cost a bit each (like $2 or $3), they really do provide that full-on Vegas slot experience that I was craving, complete with crappy odds, low payouts, and the odd superfun bonus round.

If you like slots but hate throwing away your blackjack budget on losing bets, I'd recommend trying these.

Any other thoughts?

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 Chuckmonster responded on Monday, 5th March 2012

Vegas Gang interviewed these cats a month or two ago. Check out the episode hyah.

 Skywise responded on Tuesday, 6th March 2012

I'd like to see some of the WMS games get this treatment. I find many of their bonus games almost video game like.

 creamsissle replied on Tuesday, 6th March 2012

Skywise, search for Phantom EFX in the App Store. Right now, Jungle Wild, Brazilian Beauty, Reels O'Dublin and a few more are available.

 creamsissle responded on Tuesday, 6th March 2012

I'm surprised they haven't released any of the QuickHit series like Stars and Bars, Black Gold Wild (?), Blazing 7s, etc. Hopefully these will follow soon as they're my favorite Bally machines.

However, while viewing the Bally offerings in the App Store I stumbled upon some of the WMS games, including my absolute favorite, Jungle Wild. It's disappearing from casinos in favor of "new and improved" versions, so I am thrilled to have it on the iPad. I have no problem paying $2 per machine if I'm not going to be limited to a certain number of chips or be pressured to buy fake currency.

I've been playing WMS' Facebook game, Lucky Cruise, but it's turning out to be a disappointment and my favorite games haven't been ported there yet anyway.