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Zep bios

Last edit: defacto666 on Thursday, 1st March 2012 9:37 am
Last response by saharalv 1st March 4:03pm

Does anyone one here have any experience with these? When Giants Walked the Earth and Hammer of the Gods seem to be the standouts. I was watching It Might Get Loud the other day and was shocked at how healthy and together Jimmie Page was looking. Makes me think those deep dives he took into the occult back in the day paid off.

boy, that damn February sure did overstay its welcome this year...

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 MeltYrselfDown responded on Thursday, 1st March 2012

the british bucolic lifestyle seems to keep people young.
seeing Roy Harper perform in the basement of a cambridge nightclub a few years ago...and seeing how at nearly 70 he was all healthy and gets you thinking that maybe the brits have it right when it comes to getting older.

 Chuckmonster responded on Thursday, 1st March 2012

I've been reading When Giants Walked The Earth lately, I'm not a fan of his using subconscious monologues to speak the characters thoughts back at them. Kinda dorky. Hammer of the Gods is... well... epic.

The entire O2 concert was on the YouTube a few months ago in one big stream... seems to have been removed. The show was certainly rusty at first, but they hit that magical Zeppelin trudge shortly therein and turned in a reasonably good performance even by sloppy Page standards.

Plant's Band of Joy project is worth checking out too, Buddy Miller is an amazing and underrated guitarist. All taste and great tone... pure subtle perfection.

 defacto666 replied on Thursday, 1st March 2012

I had read the author does that trick with the monologues and that pretty much had off going for that book. So Hammer is... more recommendable?

 saharalv replied on Thursday, 1st March 2012

Hammer all the way. Why? Two words: Mudshark Incident.

 Misnomer responded on Thursday, 1st March 2012

I've not read it, but the common criticism of Hammer of the Gods is that large portions of it are fictional. I've had Giants sitting on my desk for the better part of 2 years, unopened. I'm intimidated by its size.

I was disappointed by It Might Get Loud. The suggestion that the Edge and Jack White are each the Jimmy Page of their respective generations was kind of silly. Maybe I missed the point. I might just not think much of White or the Edge, as guitar players, anyway.

 defacto666 replied on Thursday, 1st March 2012

I'm not particularly attached to any of the players in Loud, but what made me want to watch it was the clip in the promo where Jack and Edge are sitting there watching Page do some classic Zep riff. I don't know how many
fools my age had to sit friends' demonstrations of that same riff, but these
guys got to sit mere feet from the real deal.

I came away feeling White's history was the most interesting. He seems to get (rather than merely say) that the art he's interested in is born of suffering. I too recall my first exposure to Sun House (Astoria, OR, '92,
working on TMNT 3).

2 guys I "grew up on" and one my kid did... I liked the bit about the house where they recorded (zep) IV. Funny, but I don't have a copy of that album on my 'pods or hard copy that I could easily track down. It's one of those albums I was done with by '80 as I've not for the life of me wanted to hear Stairway again. Skipping that lp entirely seemed like the easiest solution, but now I'm craving Levee Breaks and so many others...