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Lookin fer a dive - the Imperial Palace ISN'T a dive

Last edit: Spyder on Thursday, 31st January 2008 11:03 pm
Last response by donnymac66 3rd February 3:39pm

So we are doing the tri-anual trip to the happiest place on earth at the end of March fer my gettin-older day, and I was just surfin thru the Trippies (I know they've been done ferever, but I finally got a chance to look at them, wait, I finally just looked at em, I got ADD, I'm sure of it), but I digressed. I just realised the Klondike closed down as have many places like it, and I think on this trip we (DonnyMac66) and myself are gettin bored of the usual. I've been there 13 or so times and I think DonnyMac has citizenship (we're Canadian, fer the record) so we need something new.

And I think that new "thing" should be a dive, cause really other than our first trip where we stayed at the Golden Gate, we need to hang out a dive again. I'm lookin fer the 99 cent steak (that tastes like my shoe, and yes I've tried my shoe.... I'm little and my tape worm was hungry), I want something better for a drink special than the $1 Michelobs at Casino Royale, I want to see 65 year old cocktail waitresses crasmmed into wee tiny uniforms like those at the Rio. I want "old" Vegas, I want the Vegas I saw when I stayed at the Strat, and walked to the Luxor stopping for a drink that was on special at every hotel on the way (only one side of the street tho, DonnyMac has rules, not many but he has rules). I want that Vegas, I want the old $2.99 Circus Circus breakfast buffet (me and the big fella - DMac - ate there in 1995ish after a 24 hour binge and the waitress, no matter how drunk we were, still brought us beers with our breakfast without even questioning our level of sobriety, just my age, I looked like I was 13 (I was 22), best breakfast I don't remember eating)

But again,I ramble, all I am looking for is a dive. I'm going with a buncha friends that have all been a few times, and I think it's a good idea to show them what Vegas "was", the Vegas that DMac and Chuckmonster cut their teeth on. So if any of you Trippers out there can help, please do. And really I don't care how obscure the suggestion is, we will do anything. If anyone is bored, check out the Pinball Museum. It's freakin awesome!!! That's the kinda shiznit we into!!

Thanks in advance!

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 Chuckmonster responded on Friday, 1st February 2008

My vote is Las Vegas Club, or maybe check out the upgrades at El Cortez. I'd suggest the Plaza, but it might be too upscale based on your comments.

Dive is the new awesome.

 MinVegas responded on Friday, 1st February 2008

I don't know why you poor Canucks abuse yourself like this, except that all the infectious diseases you pick up here are cleaned out for free. Anyway, when you first said dive, I thought Gold Spike, but I'm going to second what Chuck said for El Cortez.

If you really want to stay on the Strip, well, I wouldn't recommend Sahara to anyone for management treating the place like a dive, but I know on first glance it doesn't appear to be one. Circus' Manor is plenty dive. I saw a room the other month and while it isn't so dirty that you'll meet a family of cockroaches while you shower, it's way out there and you have to cross a parking lot and go through a miniature maze of various gambling rooms in the main Circus structure, running around up and down escalators, just to get to the main casino. You'll wander through the miniature lobbies of those god-forsaken buildings at night and see all sorts of characters go up and hope they're not going to your floor. You'll wonder where all the cameras and guards associated with a major Vegas hotel went.

You'll feel like you were somehow condemned to third-world status by some hotel deity, and that's dive to me.

 Shannon responded on Friday, 1st February 2008

Well...i just booked a 5 nighstay at the Flamingo Go rooms (with strip view.... stupid extra fee) for 90$ a night. I thought i had a cheap room. but...

HOLY @#$^@in crap! The Elcortez beat that at a rate of..oh...say..

25$ a night. So lets compare here

530$ total for flamingo for 5 nights...or 123$ total for five nights at el cortez. Something tells me that qualifies as a dive ;)

I would also highly recommend the plaza. If you dont want high class, ask for one of their "Standard rooms". Real pile of crap there ;). and thats for a measely 131$ for 5 nights.

(Sheesh? maybe i should start taking downtown more seriously when i look at vegas. I could stay at the Plaza for TWO solid weeks and still be cheaper then my flamingo "Hot deal". Hmmm)

 Chuckmonster responded on Friday, 1st February 2008

90 bucks a night in a Go Room is a complete steal. don't forget to bring your ipod and bubble bath. :)

 Shannon replied on Friday, 1st February 2008

Hey, its only 75$ a night if i didnt do the strip view...(and i couldve just tried the 20$ trick at check-in, but heard negative feedback about it working at the flamingo, so i played it safe).

Wayy ahead of ya ;). Doubt ill be digging out the ipod/bubble bath anytime soon though..Booked for july 08 ;)

 krazyk responded on Friday, 1st February 2008

Slots-A-Fun could be a dive with their $1.50 hotdog and $1 beers.

Across the street is the Riviera with Hound Doggies in Nickel Haven - they have 36 $1 items on the menu.

 Spyder replied on Saturday, 2nd February 2008

We've had the $1.50 ho-do and the buck beers at slots-o-fun. And enjoyed them, there is something wrong with me and the DMac, I'm just not sure how to describe it.

 JeffinOKC responded on Sunday, 3rd February 2008

ElCo has really cleaned up lately, I think it may qualify as a "nice dive". Scariest place I've been in was Gold Spike, homeless & old crazys abound in smoky air from the 1960's. Couldn't work up the nerve to go into the Western, though I read it is about the top dive in Las Vegas. Anyone know anything about Jerry's Silver Nugget on north Las Vegas Blvd?Riveria and Tropicana are clearly the biggest dives on the Strip.

 donnymac66 responded on Sunday, 3rd February 2008

I guess it's time for me to chime in. We seem to really enjoy going to some "dive" joints while in Vegas. Casinos or bars it really doesn't matter. I'm as comfortable drinking $1 michalobs as I am paying way too much for a cocktail at Moon. I'm not sure that there are too many places left in Vegas that give a good representation of the first trip I took the boy on. We had a really good $4.99 prime rib at The "New" Frontier, Ho-Dogs at Westward Ho, cheap booze at Riveria and the carousel bar at Circus Circus. The quest for fun cheap booze has become more difficult.

How many remember going to the Barbary Coast on a Friday night for some cheap booze or low limit gambling? With a great rock band playing in the casino the whole place felt like a party. Same at the Impotent palace there used to be bands playing in the casino and the whole room felt like a bar/nightclub/party. That is what I really miss about the old Vegas. Now it seems like the casinos are just casinos, no real atmosphere, sure I still enjoy them but they are not the same. I hope the era of the mega-resort and hip nightclubs will be over soon. I miss the neon and glitter of Vegas and I miss the party in the casino vibe of the past.

It doesn't stop me from going to Vegas, i love that the place reinvents itself every decade but it really needs to have a bit of a sense of what built it to where it is now. Bring back people like Binion, Stupak and even Ralph Engelstad to compete alongside Wynn, Adelson and Kerkorian. I think it could really enhance the Vegas trip for many.

Rant over.