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Looks like a Zeppelin tour is closer to reality

Last edit: RockVegas on Monday, 28th January 2008 7:43 am
Last response by JeffinOKC 30th January 7:36pm

Several news outlets are carrying an AP story where Mr. Jimmy Page says that he's ready to do a world tour. Robert Plant is currently touring with Alison Krauss, so the tour would probably begin sometime next year. This would be a huge rock n roll event. Man, I hope it happens.,2933,325949,00.html

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 Chuckmonster responded on Monday, 28th January 2008

Plant talked about it during halftime of the Sixers/Knicks game the other day of all weird places. Here's the video. Reuters is reporting that it won't happen until at least September in an interview with Jimmy Page over the weekend.

 RockVegas replied on Monday, 28th January 2008

I cannot picture Plant at a B-Ball game. That IS weird.
I was raised on their shit back in my stoner days. I never got the opportunity to see them live. I don't give a damn how much tickets cost. I'm gonna see 'em whereever I gotta go in the U.S.

 Chuckmonster replied on Monday, 28th January 2008

don't be surprised if VT goes completely silent for the entire month they're on tour. i might have to put some new tires on the VW bus and hit the road - Grateful Dead style.

 MrsHorn responded on Wednesday, 30th January 2008

I will be there. I recently purchased the digitally remastered DVD of The Song Remains the Same and it is excellent.

 donnymac66 responded on Wednesday, 30th January 2008

Doood I will grab my jean jacket and bandanna and join the pilgrimage. If they play Vegas we have to go!

 JeffinOKC responded on Wednesday, 30th January 2008

I'm a little tight on money. Think I'll wait til they stop at Laughlin. They'll be sharin' the bill with Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers.