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At long last, the internet has produced a situation that would make you glad you had a Shatphone in your room!

Last edit: HedgedBettor on Wednesday, 2nd November 2011 5:08 pm
Last response by jinx73 4th November 8:17am

See what happened to this ESPN anchor, though she had her cellphone with her so no issue:

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 Spyder responded on Thursday, 3rd November 2011

Doesn't everyone take a phone to the bathroom? That way you can text/play games/surf the web/ etc while doin some business!!It sucks when you don't have it and have to pass the time pooin, by just pooin! #firstworldproblem

 vespajet replied on Thursday, 3rd November 2011

Comes in handy when you're taking a power dump..... Folks used to take a newspaper, book or magazine in with them, now their take their smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch....

 jinx73 replied on Friday, 4th November 2011

No wonder why those birds are angry.