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Last edit: cheerioh on Wednesday, 9th January 2008 7:58 pm
Last response by cheerioh 10th January 12:10pm

i can't live without RSS on a computer. i also subscribe to the VT and macautripping rss feeds. was curious if many people do. if not, these folks are giving away their great apps for free:
i use netnewswire all the time on mac - it rocks, and i've used feedemon on windows. i prefer my mac, but the syncing is great, and it's nice to see free sw to help keep up with the news.

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 JeffinOKC responded on Wednesday, 9th January 2008

I don't hate to show my ignorance. What is RSS? I see it on LVA and don't know what it is. What are the other itmes described on this post? Are the Vegas specific?

 cheerioh replied on Thursday, 10th January 2008

no such thing as ignorance on the internet :) RSS is an internet technology that lets you "subscribe" to websites that regularly publish info/updates. like VT or the new york times. everytime they add a new story/make a change it automatically alerts you to those changes. I still go to the page for full stories, and things like this board, but use RSS as sort of my gateway to it all.