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Was Bellagio better under command of Steve Wynn (check out video)

Last edit: VivaLasVegasBoy on Monday, 25th July 2011 2:34 pm
Last response by RateVegas 27th July 8:01pm

Was Bellagio better under command of Steve Wynn? (service, staff, rooms,...)
Video: Bellagio Las Vegas tour with Steve Wynn (before opening - 1998)

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 Romaman responded on Monday, 25th July 2011

Wow, amazing find!

One good thing MGM did right was the casino re-do by adding a contemporary look but still maintaining that Italian style. As much as I liked the original, more Italian Roger Thomas designed casino, it looked a little too much like grandma's house, especially the old floral carpet and awnings.

The only 2 things i'm worried about is new room designs and the new Hyde nightclub and the douchebags that will come with it but hey, Wynn and Encore has and will always have more DB's than the Bellagio due to the numerous number of clubs but mostly because of the new Encore Beach Club which is now apparently douche central. (At least their rich douches...)

To me, the place basically looks and feels the same to me since my first visit in 98'. Quality has slipped a little from 06- 08' but other than that, its always been a top notch place but if Wynn bought the place and maybe did a few tweeking here and there then the Bellagio will easily be the top joint in Vegas once again and maybe even best in the world. That place has soo much potential its not even funny...

 RateVegas responded on Monday, 25th July 2011

It's important to remember that Wynn only ran the place for about a year and a half. It opened in late 1998 and was sold by Spring of 2000.

I stayed a few times during the Wynn-era. Everyone seemed excited to be there but that also may be because it was new and the hottest place on The Strip.

 MinVegas responded on Monday, 25th July 2011

It's perhaps less about Steve Wynn and more about Bobby Baldwin.

Under Bobby, we saw the poker room stepped up to give it that big game feel, a room redesign around 2004 that was respectable, a renovation of the spa complex, a nightclub addition that didn't overwhelm the casino setting, and the Spa Tower with Sensi. There was still the occasional crack in the pavement or sagging awning, but that sort of stuff was fixed faster than it usually is at Venetian.

Then, Bobby was put in charge of CityCenter. Now we have an entire corner of the hotel dedicated to Light Group, digs that look closer to Mirage than Aria, new stores in the lobby that pay no attention to the theme of the lobby itself like the old Tesorini store does, and even an upscale sunglass hut carved into a space that used to be a pay phone closet.

 socalduck responded on Tuesday, 26th July 2011

An amazing find, thanks for sharing! I had totally forgotten about Sam's American. We hosted a vendor meeting at Bellagio in 1999, and it was one of the best events we ever had. Rooms, catering, and all of the thousands of details involved in managing a large group over a period of days were handled nearly flawlessly. We even had the opportunity to say hello to Steve at Circo one evening. While it is unlikely to ever happen, it would be interesting to see what changes he would make were Wynn Resorts to take over Bellagio.

 ProfessorYaffle responded on Wednesday, 27th July 2011

Fascinating vid.

Bet the place isnt run with that passion any more.

 RateVegas responded on Wednesday, 27th July 2011

It's been interesting to watch the progression of the restaurants they've replaced.

Sam's American became Nectar which then became FIX.
Shintaro morphed into Yellowtail.
Aqua changed it's name to Michael Mina (same chef ; mostly the same staff).

As Roger Thomas said on the last Strip podcast, those major changes (FIX and Yellowtail) don't seem to draw much design inspiration from their surroundings, making for some pretty blunt scenery shifts.

Of course, Sam's chef Sam DeMarco is now at First Food at The Venetian and Nectar lasted all of five minutes (worst space-age decor ever).