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Iron Maiden's Boeing 757

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 25th December 2007 2:36 am
Last response by Chuckmonster 13th January 9:06am

Vespajet... have you seen Iron Maiden's freshly painted 757?

Some guy posted a pic of the plane at Gatwick right after they wheeled it out of the painting hangar. Check it at Here's a close up of the tail art... from the World Slavery Tour 85 tour program. Their singer, Bruce Dickinson, is a pilot for Astraeus airlines. I'm going to try and head down to LAX when their tour stops here to take some pics of it.

Aces High!

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 donnymac66 responded on Tuesday, 25th December 2007

Coolest jet ever!!!!! Is anyone going to see them on this tour?? I have my doubts that Bruce Dickenson can still hit the high notes on Run to the Hills. But I'm sure it will still be a good show.

 Chuckmonster replied on Tuesday, 25th December 2007

i saw them two or three years ago for the first time since... uh the seventh son tour (1989?)... it was the second north american tour since bruce and adrian joined up again and the band were just plain awesome. yes bruce can still hit the notes, but like all the singers who are getting older, his voice has more nut sack than sheer scream factor. if you haven't seen maiden's rock in rio dvd, definitely put it in your netflix queue... if you are a maiden fan, you'll love it.

 vespajet responded on Tuesday, 25th December 2007

There's a better shot of it over @ (A Much Better Site BTW)

 Chuckmonster replied on Tuesday, 25th December 2007

that shot rules. much better view of the powerslave typography on the body. thanks!

 Atltrainman responded on Tuesday, 25th December 2007

Now I wonder what custom features were made to the interior? Is this plane to be dedicated to the Iron Maiden tour or will it be used for normal flights in between tour dates?

 Chuckmonster responded on Wednesday, 26th December 2007

I think the plane will be functioning as their global tour bus with all the cargo and stuff in the back and the band and crew in the front. Apparently they are re-visiting the Powerslave stage set which was incredibly elaborate (for 1984/5). They will mostly be playing tunes from the middle-era Maiden - Piece of Mind, Powerslave, 7th Son etc.. I saw this show when I was 15 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC (January 20th, 1985). It's kinda funny, now that I'm on the downward slide into 40 - I've become the target for the 'retro' tours and band get-together. Now only if Journey and REO Speedwagon would get together and do an Escape / Hi-Infidelity tour!

 Spyder replied on Sunday, 30th December 2007

Wow, the Powerslave tour was the first live show I ever went to (I was 11)!! There was still rush seating back then, and my brother pushed hard enuff we ended up at the stage, I couldn't see over it so all Bruce and the boys got was my tiny hand givin the salute all concert long, I think most of the band high fived me.... It would be nice to see the stage. I also hear the Journey may start touring again, Chuck, you'd look good at that show....

 Chuckmonster responded on Sunday, 13th January 2008

More pics here, here and here.