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Sig @ MGM or Monte Carlo

Last edit: DblDwn on Thursday, 24th February 2011 10:08 am
Last response by DblDwn 28th February 2:16pm

I'm heading there for one weekend night w/ wife in tow in June. I've already reserved both MC for $100 and the Sig for $140. Tell me which one you guys and gals would stay at. We won't be using the pool since the wife is prego. We're foodies and not really gamblers so casino isn't important. We'll be renting a car to check out CityCenter, Cosmo, others.

Do the 20 upgrade trick at MC and hope for something awesome? Or stay at Sig where it's smoke free and more quiet?

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 encompassingimages responded on Thursday, 24th February 2011

Hmm. my thoughts with a taking someone who is prego.
1) if your wanting to tromp around the city center buildings, i would say the MC because its a shorter walk...not by much though. The mC is basically next to aria / cosmo.
2) I would assume the signiture at MGM would be a nicer is the MGM. I just got back from vegas on wed and someone in my convention was staying at MGM Sig. and said it was pretty nice.
3)You may not need that rental car. even when you vallet or park in a garage its about the same damn walk as from MC to aria...

My 2 cents:
MGM = Nicer room
MC = closer to city center and cheaper.
both have a dumb resort fee as their both MGM properties.
Good luck

 DblDwn replied on Thursday, 24th February 2011

Thanks images. I know it's a toss up because of the price of the rooms. If they were the same price, hands down Sig it is for me. I've never stayed at Sig so I'm leaning towards it. MC is meh to me, but can't beat the price especially for a Fri night. Rental car is a must since I have to drop off the wife way down at Venetian after we land for a convention. I do need to print out boarding passes though... both props include these in their resort fees?

 parchedearth responded on Thursday, 24th February 2011

Ditto the previous comment. This is a tough call as the Signature rooms are pretty nice and the MC rooms are very worn (upgrades will probably not help). The MC is an easy walk to Aria (all indoors) and a longer walk to Cosmo (1/2 mile). Signature is a much longer walk (3/4+ mile) to either (but this could be problematic for your wife). Either way, you do not want a car as taxis will be much easier.

 DblDwn replied on Thursday, 24th February 2011

Thanks earth. Do you know if it's a pain to walk between MC, Bellagio, and Cosmo? Assume we're taking a leisurely stroll in the evening for dinner and loungin' around.

 thefoodandi responded on Thursday, 24th February 2011

As a fellow foodie, I normally stay at MC. MC is the best value resort. I get great email offers from MC regularly. Their outdoor guest parking lot is conveniently located for quick access to the other resorts via Frank Sinatra instead of Las Vegas Blvd.

You can walk to Aria/CityCenter, Mandarin Oriental, Cosmopolitan. From MC, there is a tram that goes to Crystals/CityCenter, then to Bellagio/Vdara.

If you really want to splurge for a great room and more quiet, stay at the Mandarin Oriental. Best hotel service, IMO.

I do know a few restaurants, depending on what you want. Enjoy!

 DblDwn replied on Thursday, 24th February 2011

I'd love to stay at MO, but seeing that we'll only be here for a mere 30 hours or so, not sure the price tag is worth it. I've read about the CityCenter tram and it looks like it's the way to go if we do end up staying at MC. Thanks.

 encompassingimages responded on Thursday, 24th February 2011

If you have a convention at Venetian, consider staying there? Also the Mirage is across the street. I stayed there last year adn they just renovated too. It's not too shabby but the price would probably be a tiny bit more than MC. I would say if you can get into contact with a host at any of these, they can help you, waive a resort fee. ect....

 DblDwn replied on Thursday, 24th February 2011

Venetian rate is high for that particular weekend and they won't give us the convention rate since we're not attending the entire weekend. Was looking into Mirage and the wife loved it when she stayed last, but the rates have to hover closer to MC rate that I got for any consideration. Thanks for all your input everyone.

 encompassingimages responded on Thursday, 24th February 2011

I just got back from LV, I stayed at the Trop at it is pretty dang nice. Its a little further than MC but next door to MGM. If you want give my personal contact Nicole Marshall a call. Tell her you know me (Corey Johnson) off of Vegas tripping and she'll get you hooked up if you want it. probably cheaper than MC 702.739.3640

 DblDwn replied on Friday, 25th February 2011

Thanks Corey. I'll look into the Trop. Sounds like a good deal.

 Does43 responded on Friday, 25th February 2011

Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental, great food, no casino.

 tlm1971 responded on Friday, 25th February 2011

I just booked a room at Sig, but have never stayed there before. The reviews are very good. Its a short walk to MGM which has tons of restaurants. You can also take the tram to most of the hotels from MGM. The Sig is all non smoking too.

 parchedearth responded on Friday, 25th February 2011

Skip the tram as it is often quicker to walk. It is relatively easy to walk between Sig, MC, Aria, MO, Cosmo, Bellagio, and PHo given their proximity. That said, you really need to know which path to take or you will end up taking much-much-longer routes. For example, Harmon and the strip overpass from Sig to Cosmo is miles shorter than walking through MGM Grand across to NYNY and up the strip.

 DblDwn replied on Friday, 25th February 2011

Yeah, I usually find the tram pretty inconvenient since they're always tucked way at the back of the hotels. Never tried the CityCenter tram though. Thanks for the tip about Harmon overpass. This will help a lot.

 thecosmicjester responded on Sunday, 27th February 2011

For $40 difference? totally Signature, without a doubt. I've seen the rooms and they're one of the best-kept secrets in Vegas. Beds are ultra-cushy, the bathtub is massive, and the shower fits at least three. And, I've been told the desk clerks are very receptive to the $20 trick.

Cabbing from either property is dependent on how far along your wife is preggo. All of these properties are closer than you think. Monte Carlo is next door to CityCenter. There's a free (and convenient) tram through CityCenter that takes you to three stops: Monte Carlo and the Aria casino (and Mandarin Oriental is a stone's throw away), Crystals (with a short jaunt to Cosmopolitan), and finally Vdara and Bellagio. Thanks to the Signature's entrance on Harmon, Signature is an easy stroll from Cosmopolitan, a little over half a mile. It might actually be closer to Cosmopolitan than it is to the MGM Grand main entrance.

 DblDwn replied on Monday, 28th February 2011

Thanks cosmic. Sig's sounding much better now. Wife will be pretty far along so we'll have to play by ear for transport.