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books on Vegas

Last edit: Spyder on Saturday, 29th January 2011 12:21 pm
Last response by nullzero00 31st January 12:41pm

Just got myself an ebook and now I need to fill it. I was looking for the previous thread on great Vegas books, but I'm useless today and can't find it. I'm not so interested in the design side, but the Mob stuff, fiction and non fiction is kewl.

Help a brother get more literate..... please

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 vespajet responded on Saturday, 29th January 2011

You didn't say which ereader you were using, so I gleaned that info from your thread on WBTALV.

Doing a search on the Kobo site:

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Super Casino: Inside The New Las Vegas

When The Mob Ran Vegas

 bobostonepony responded on Saturday, 29th January 2011

Super Casino, 24/7, Las Vegas Babylon... all kind of attack Vegas in the same light (writer goes out to Vegas long term, spends a few days in numerous different casinos, interviews old school pit bosses, older waitresses around during the Rat Pack days, hookers, pimps, etc) ALL great however. I'm currently reading My Week at the Blue Angel... similar, but newer. Now I have to go get a picture in front of the big blue angel on my next trip.

 bobostonepony replied on Saturday, 29th January 2011

crap, I didnt verify if they were available digitally.. I'm kind of an idiot.

 middleclassbuzz responded on Saturday, 29th January 2011

"Neon Metropolis" by Hal Rothman and "Double or Nothing" by Tom Breitling are a couple of my favorites. Amazon has both of them available for digital download.

 nullzero00 responded on Saturday, 29th January 2011

"Bringing down the house" and "Busting Vegas" by Ben Mezreich (sp?)

"Sharks in the desert" -Smith
"Suburban Xanadu"
"Aces and Kings"
"Revenge of the Pequots" (how the pequot tribe established Foxwoods in Connecticut...the first 2 chapters are pretty boring, but it gets better)

 nullzero00 responded on Monday, 31st January 2011

:"whale Hunt in the Desert" is another fun read about superhost Steve Cyr.