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Need your opinion(s) re: the Gold Key rooms at the Nugget..

Last edit: ulanderk on Wednesday, 26th January 2011 10:15 am
Last response by ulanderk 27th January 11:33am

staying 3 nights at the end of March..$$ not an issue..just wondered if anyone had stayed and could offer an opinion???
By the way, just joined the site and am really glad I did..

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 vespajet responded on Wednesday, 26th January 2011

Gold Key? Unless this is some super secret room offering that isn't on the GN website, I never heard of those rooms. Sounds like you're referring to the Gold Club rooms that are on the 16th & 17th floors of the Gold Tower. I've yet to stay in them, but based on the decor, these rooms were the "model rooms" for the decor that went into the Rush Tower. The extra perks that the Gold Club rooms give you are nice, but I'd rather stay in the Rush Tower since the rooms are slightly bigger than the Gold Club rooms and are newer (the Rush Tower opened in November of 2009). They also offer on the GN website the Rush Tower Jr. Corner Suites which look pretty nice as well. While the Rush Tower is away from the main action of the casino floor (There is a Rush Tower table games pit as well as slot machines.), it has its' own check-in desk as well as entrance, so checking in is a lot quicker than the other towers (I've seen the lines at the main check-in desk get quite lengthy at times.). It's also a bit quieter than the other towers, as it appears they don't have paper-thin walls, as I never heard any noise from the rooms on either side of me.

 fersure replied on Wednesday, 26th January 2011

A suggestion on the Rush Tower rooms: if you really have to get some sleep before 1 am, request a Rush tower room that doesn't overlook the Freemont St. Experience. You can't hear street noise/partying in the RT rooms, but you will hear the blasting music every 1/2 hour.

Yes, you will be looking at a parking garage, but the rooms are still nice!

 vespajet replied on Wednesday, 26th January 2011

My room faced the Fremont Street Experience and I never found it too noisy. A few of my nights, I would take a nap in the evening, as my body was still on East Coast time and then get back up around midnight and go back downstairs and gamble for a few more hours and finally call it a night around 3 or 4 in the morning.

 CWatts26 responded on Wednesday, 26th January 2011

Like Vespajet said I would also recommend the Rush Tower. Very nice room, great bathroom and shower ( TheVegasKing who's new here, was so hungover sat in the tub for a hour). I really enjoyed everything the room had to offer. My friends had the JR suite and if you're going solo, it isn't a bad choice. You get 2 flat screens, nice big couch, the view was of the canopy of Freemont and part of The Plaza. Pretty quick walk to the pool and outside to Freemont. You can't go wrong downtown or at the Golden Nugget.

 parchedearth responded on Wednesday, 26th January 2011

I am a big fan of the Gold Key Club rooms. They are remodeled older rooms (much like the Rush tower rooms) with flatscreens and new furnishings. Be aware that some (all?) only have showers (no tubs). There are free bottles fo water and mixed nuts in the elevator lobby of those floors. The main benefits IMO are VIP check-in area, the elevators go directly to the casino, and you get to use the main valet entrance (as opposed to the Rush entrance around back). If you can be w/o a tub, these rooms are the best deal downtown as they are generally a little cheaper than the Rush rooms.

 ulanderk responded on Wednesday, 26th January 2011

thanks for the responses...
Tub?..not even essential..
Close to the action?..huge plus..
VIP check-in,etc.? that too..
The Rush corner-slot thingy sounds good too..
Got a few weeks to decide/change my mind..
Thanks again..

 Chuckmonster responded on Wednesday, 26th January 2011

ulanderk... welcome to VT!

If money is no object, the two level Spa Tower Suites are available for booking for about $400/night. It IS the prototype for the Encore Duplex Apartments and kinda still has a whole bunch of original Roger Thomas charm.

Here is the website

 TheVegasKing responded on Wednesday, 26th January 2011

Yeah TheVegasKing was hungover and did have to sit in a Rush Tower tub for an hour or so but a cheap bottle of Jose Cuervo will do that to you, if only I would have had an even cheaper woman to share it with that night.

 ulanderk responded on Thursday, 27th January 2011

I like that monster spa/suite!!...
Thx..thought it was for the big ballers/bettors..