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Total Rewards Comps

Last edit: bartlet2004 on Monday, 6th September 2010 9:23 am
Last response by wpsteel66 10th September 6:33am

I received a call from marketing the other day asking if I was planning on coming out to Vegas anytime soon. I told them that I already had airline and show tickets for a weekend in October, but no hotel. They offered to comp my stay at Planet Hollywood and I took it. (On my last couple of trips, I have stayed at Planet Hollywood, but not since they merged into the Total Rewards program. Under the old A-List program, I got my rooms comped along with food and beverage.)

With Total Rewards, does it matter where I gamble so long as I gamble at Harrah's properties? I mean, if I'm staying at PH, but do all of my betting at Paris or Bally's, am I out of luck on getting my food and beverage comped at PH? (I hope that question makes sense.) Would I just go through a host at Planet Hollywood?

Sorry if these seem like silly questions. This is my first real experience with anything in the Total Reward realm.


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 Misnomer responded on Monday, 6th September 2010

You'll find lots of information, and just as much disinformation, about Total Rewards at various places on the web. And there are really layers within layers in the TR system, in that some of the stuff is published by Harrah's (i.e. points earned per dollars in on slots, points needed to reach various tier levels, etc.), while some of the other available comps are determined in a black box with a proprietary formula.

And no one outside of the company knows that formula for sure, although there is a raft of speculation about it. Do a Google search for Harrah's Total Rewards and "ADT" which stands for "average daily theoretical" loss. Then read as much of it as you can, taking all of it with a grain of salt, because most of it is based on anectdotal information at best, and wild conjecture at worst.

Specific to your questions, it sounds like you were an RFB player at PH before the Harrah's takeover. I can't speak to whether Harrah's retained player's lists and information, but that'd certainly be my first question for someone at PH. Give them a call and ask to speak to a host. Just be warned that Harrah's slashed their host budget in recent years, and depending on what level player you are, you may not get one. If that's the case, ask for casino marketing. At any rate, just talk to them - tell them you were RFB at PH and you're wondering if they'll continue to honor that for you.

I hope that helps a little. Sorry I can't be more detailed, but seriously, go poke around a little and you'll see that there's not a short answer to your questions. I'd just try to pin someone down regarding RFB at PH. Good luck, and let us know what you find out!

 dmwang9 responded on Monday, 6th September 2010

As Misnomer said, there's a lot of contradictory information out there. What I'm about to say is what my host at Paris told me about a year ago.

If you gamble at any HET property, you'll accrue points in your Total Rewards account and can use those points to pay for food and beverage. If you earn enough points while playing at Paris or Bally's to pay for your food/beverage at PH, then you'll be fine.

If, however, you don't have enough points to cover your charges at PH, then your PH host will look up your play at PH (and only at PH) to determine if they can pick up the charges. Play at other HET properties isn't considered in this context.

I agree with Misnomer that it would be best if you could talk to a PH host before you arrive. I get the idea that the hosts do have a little bit of leeway here, though not nearly as much as they used to. Host budgets have really been downsized in recent years.

-- Dave

 wpsteel66 responded on Friday, 10th September 2010

My experience with TR card use in Tunica: Stay at one Harrah's property, gamble and eat at all their properties, get comped. The last two times I stayed at a Harrah's property in Vegas, my rooms were comped before i arrived and i ate at many non-Harrah's properties. So i did not try to get anything comped.