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What's Your Poison?

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 7th April 2010 2:49 am
Last response by chinadat 5th January 8:46am

We just added a brand new category to The Board, for a subject that is incredibly near and dear to the heart of nearly all of us: Boooozin'.

Allow me to break the ice... my name is Chuck and my favorite drink is a Chairman of the Board martini:

2oz Vodka (Ketel, Stoli or Grey Goose)
2oz Gin (preferably Hendrick's)

Shake vigorously with ice and pour.
Serve with sliced cucumber wheel pierced with a sprig of thyme
OR a dart of Granny Smith Apple misted with lemon juice


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 JakeNYC responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

My name is Jake

My favorite drink is a Maker's Mark Manhattan on the rocks.

That said, I will drink just about anything offered to me and while I might complain about it at first, I will most likely keep drinking it until it tastes good or I am on the floor.

 RockChickX51 responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

My name is Leesha

My favorite drink is a classic Jagerbomb
1 part energy drink
1 part Jager

I'm also a huge fan of a cheap shot I just discovered, the Johnny Vegas
1 part brown tequila
1 part energy drink
1 part watermelon liquor

It doesn't sound as good as it really is, you just have to get someone to make it right.

 atdleft responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Midori Sour! YUM!

Just add 2 oz. sweet & sour mix to 1 oz. Midori... Or if you want to be extra fancy, 1 oz. Midori sour, 1 oz. Sprite, and 1 oz. Whiskey Sour mix. Since I'm usually too lazy@ss to make it at home, I just save it for when I'm at the bar.

The rest of the time, it's all VINO for me! Give me a good Rioja or Pinot Grigio, and I'm happy. :-)

 BigHoss responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Gin. Tonic. Lime.

Those margaritas they bring you out at the Mirage pool aren't bad either.

 Kagehitokiri responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

macallan, sherry oak, 18/25 (havent had 30+ yet)

red wine - mainly cabernet, occasionally shiraz (grange) and malbec

 MeltYrselfDown responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

hey i'm dave.

i drink vodka and soda with lime. Ketel or Luksusowa if i'm being choosy, but i'm also a senior member of the senators club if you know what i mean.

i also enjoy Oban 14 year with 3 cubes, jameson shots, and cheap-ass beer.

 canadiancrapshooter responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Johnnie Walker (I know, I know it's blended, whatever)

Beer (I'm Canadian afterall)

 vespajet replied on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Nothing wrong with Johnny Walker. One of these days, I fully plan on trying the Green, Gold, and Blue.

When it comes to blended Scotch, I prefer Compass Box Asyla. It's damn smooth....

 BlackHillsBoozehound responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Boozehouse. Whiskey & ice, sometimes followed by a floor or a visit by Security.

 KungFuApril replied on Thursday, 8th April 2010

No, you usually make it to the bed. :)

 RockChickX51 replied on Monday, 12th April 2010

Burned by your wife......does he pass out at 9pm too?
j/k j/k

 Gingee responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

George T. Stagg Bourbon; Macallan's 18; red wine - mainly bordeaux,esp. St. Emilion or Margaux, shiraz, malbec, amarone. Not necessarily in that order or all in the same night :)

 vespajet responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

My name is Steven and I'm a (oh wait, wrong site......).

My favorite drink is a Gin & Tonic, and is what I will typically drink while gambling. It's a drink that is very hard to screw up (Unlike a martini, which sometimes succumbs to the whims of the bartender.).

I also enjoy a nice Scotch (I'll probably have a dram of some Macallan 12 tonight after dinner.), as well as a classic cocktails like the Mojito, the Caiprinha, the Rob Roy, and the Manhattan. I also like Drambuie, but as of late, I've been drinking Wild Turkey American Honey (While not as good as Drambuie, it's cheaper and fills my needs.).

I'm also a beer guy, preferring craft brews and imports from Belgium (As well as craft breweries that brew Belgian-style beers.) to cheap ass beer. In the last 16 years or so, I would conservatively estimate that I've tried at least 1000 different beers. There are liquor stores I will drive 20-30 minutes to go to solely for their beer selection. If I want an old standby, I'll hit the grocery store or a liquor store in my area. If I want to find something interesting to try, I'll drive up to Atlanta to one of several liquor stores that have beer selections that outnumber their wine selection. I try to support my favorite local and regional breweries as much as possible, but since New Belgium entered the Atlanta market last Spring, I've found myself drinking more and more of their beers. In the past, my drinking of New Belgium's flagship beer Fat Tire had been limited to Vegas trips.

I also get in the mood for cider every now and again as well. It's definitely a good morning beverage.

I also love sake.

 RockChickX51 replied on Thursday, 8th April 2010

You enjoy a nice glass of scotch?
Do you also eat ribs for lunch?
::Stupid Anchorman comment::

 vespajet replied on Thursday, 8th April 2010

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

 Spyder responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

I, uhhhh, I'm Spyder (sorry the booze has affected my memory) and I like, no wait, I live on Jack Daniel's! And beer, and scotch, and bourbon, and rye, and sometimes tequila..... Damn, I like it all. Working behind bars for so long I guess as long as it has an alcohol content I'm in!!!

But JD is the best and will always be my drunk of choice (like BHBH, followed by floor.....)

 Dramman responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

My name is Drambuie Man, and contrary to my name its a double Makers, neat.

 hardways33 responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

I'm Dan and my favorite is Porfidio Plata Tequila (no salt/lime/ice). Makes the dice game so much more fun (and the walk back to the room much more interesting).

 dzodda responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Wow great topic...
Tanqueray & tonic with just a tiny dash of Rose's lime juice.

Or just plain Heineken!

 get0ffdanutzz responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Yeahhhh Ummmmm. I hate that my drink is now Cliche;

In Vegas It's always RedBull/Ciroc if no Ciroc give me the Goose....

 blissfulignoramus responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

I love cocktails. Cocktails with more than a few ingredients, not so much.

From the start of cool fall weather through the end of cool spring weather: Elijah Craig Manhattans:

1/4 oz or so of sweet vermouth, as much bourbon as you want, a good dose of bitters, a maraschino cherry, and a drop of the maraschino cherry juice.

Elijah Craig is a great bourbon for the money, and perfect for a Manhattan. It isn't inherently sweet like Maker's Mark, but it takes the sweet mixers well.

From the start of warm spring weather through the end of warm fall weather: Beefeater martinis:

A whisper of dry vermouth, and your favored dose of gin, with an olive. The classic. Bombay Sapphire gin works just as well, but it costs a few bucks more.

Warm spring weather seems to have started early this year, so I'm enjoying one of these right now!

 RobbieNomi responded on Wednesday, 7th April 2010

My name is Robbie.

For a good base buzz, I like to start out with a Long Beach Ice Tea:
1 part vodka
1 part light rum
1 part gin
1 part tequila
1 part triple sec
1 splash cranberry juice
1 lemon wedge

After that, I usually keep the buzz brewing with a Grey Goose Screwdriver:
1 part Grey Goose Vodka (NOT the orange flavor, as many bartenders will recommend)
2 parts orange juice

Also, for something little known and tasty (that gets you fucked up in no time), I recommend the Alektra Blue (name after the porn star, no less!):
1 part Blue Curacao
1 part Bacardi
2 parts 7up
1 cherry

Yum yum!

 donnymac66 responded on Thursday, 8th April 2010

My name is Donny Mac

I am mostly a beer dood, which explains why I manage 11 brewpubs. But the pre or post dinner or post golf cocktail has always been a tradition for me and Spyder and usually include one of the following:

Long Island Iced Tea - Crisp and refreshing and usually overflowing with the clear liquors.

Shaken Lime Margarita - Salted and preferrably with Cazadores Tequila.

Black Russian - One night I consumed way too many of these and will likely never touch another one but they are a delicious post dinner treat

White Russian - Usually while bowling

Gin and Tonic - Usually when I'm waaaaay tooo drunk

Jack Daniels - When I am hanging out with Spyder it magically appears in my hand. I enjoy it most with ginger ale.

Really I haven't met an alcoholic beverage that I won't consume. Sometimes on a dare to drink or other stupid bar games we play I have consumed some odd concotions. Sometimes drinking should be an adventure and if you have seen the pictures and videos on my Facebook page you will get a clearer idea of the amount of booze we consume in Vegas and our odd attraction to street buskers that sing or play a musical instrument.

Here's to alcohol......the cause of and solution to all life's problems. - Homer (Simpson)

 Spyder replied on Thursday, 8th April 2010

How come me and you and drinking go so well together?

 blackjacker1979 responded on Thursday, 8th April 2010

Eric here...

1 part ice
1 part vodka (prefer grey goose or belvedere)
1 lemon twist

Enough said. :)

 saharalv responded on Thursday, 8th April 2010

Hi, I'm Saharalv, for booooozin' I like the following--

Bourbon-George T Stagg all of the way
Gin-Hendricks, Bombay Sapphire
Vodka-Whatev, but nothing lower shelf than Skyy
Absinthe-Anything made by Jade, no Czech, EVER.
Beer-Anything 6.4%alc. and above
Wine-California Zin, please
Scotch-I loooove scotch, Oban, Laphroaig, Ardbeg, anything single malt.
and the perfect drink to start an evening in Vegas...Fat Tuesday 190 Octane with an extra shot, shared with the wife (just to guarantee that she will be out within a few hours and I can go gamble).

I love to drink. Thank you Chuck for reminding me.

 jsmeeker responded on Thursday, 8th April 2010



 scottchompson responded on Thursday, 8th April 2010

My name is Scott...

Laphroaig 10, Macallan 12/15, Jamesons, Makers Mark - All on the rocks.

Beer - Guinness, Black and Tans, a good Kolsch, Bitburger, Kostritzer, and Sam Adams.

That is quite a list for a dude who has less than 20 drinks per year huh?

 levans responded on Friday, 9th April 2010

My name is Larry and my choices are:
Heineken or Moosehead as far as beer goes
Absolut and Orange Juice (Minute Maid preferred)
White Russians
Tequila (as cold as it can be)
Strawberry Margaritas
Funny I do most of my drinking when in Vegas.

 jinx73 responded on Tuesday, 13th April 2010

Seems like Chuck, hit the topic everyone on the board can agree on.

My current drinks of choice.

Light Rum: Oronoco
Dark Rum: Cruzan Black strap

 johntree responded on Sunday, 18th April 2010

My 'welooming' drink of choice is a Maker's Mark Manhattan at the Petrossian bar in Bellagio. A time to relax after a long flight and morph into my Vegas.

 jinx73 responded on Tuesday, 18th May 2010

Some of my Vegas favorites some from the floor and some from purchase.

Mojitos at Bellagio, Wynn, and Ti.

Rumpunch at Flamingo Garden bar VP, Ballys, and on the floor at Mirage.

A variety of rums straight up at Rhumbar. Current favorites Oronoco and Kilo Kai.

Cruzan Black Strap Rum at Rumjungle.

Twisted Sister at Diablos (which is just a cable car, but made well here, Rouge used to have a very good one too)

Bailey's and Coffee, white russians, comped Captain Private Stock and coke at Playboy Club VP bar.

And then a mix of whatever I pack for the trip, lately, some type of rum and I'll pick up some mixers. I tend to get tired of either the well crap they serve on the floor for rum and cokes or even captain and cokes and they don't serve decent rums on the floor from what I've found for straight up drinks.

 LAvegasphile responded on Sunday, 8th August 2010

I'm totally a beer guy; I'll go through Guiness like water, or settle for a Heiniken, New Castle or any of the microbrews at Ellis Island!

 LAvegasphile responded on Sunday, 8th August 2010

I'm totally a beer guy; I'll go through Guiness like water, or settle for a Heiniken, New Castle or any of the microbrews at Ellis Island!

 wetvegas responded on Monday, 11th October 2010

Jack and Coke always helps me when I'm down.. :)
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 Chuckmonster responded on Thursday, 27th January 2011

Mind Eraser:

in a tall glass filled with ice:

1 oz vodka
1/2 oz amaretto
1/2 oz kahlua
schfritz with clubsoda

drink the whole thing in one slurp via straw.

 StudiodeKadent responded on Wednesday, 2nd March 2011

My name is StudiodeKadent, and my favorite drinks are...

1) Champagne (Roederer, Perrier-Jouet, Veuve Clicquot, Bollinger and Pol Roger being my favorite houses)
2) Cocktails (a wide variety thereof)
3) Bourbon (Jim Beam Black Label is very nice, IMO).

However, I'll basically drink anything that isn't beer or red wine.

 chinadat responded on Thursday, 5th January 2012

Depending on my mood, one of the following:

a)Remy/Hennessey straight or maybe with a touch of ginger ale

b)any very nice cognac/scotch/whisky straight or on the rocks depending on weather

c)Gordons Gin, Campari, and Grapefruit juice

d)Baileys with a shot of Patron XO Cafe shaken on the rocks then strained...mmmmmmm