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Hi limit area

Last edit: ditkartr on Wednesday, 1st February 2012 5:35 pm
Last response by fatbastard 10th February 5:38pm

From things I've heard and read you can get just about any drink you can think of while in the high limit are. Being a novice to any high limit area, what is a good single malt scotch that you could expect to get and not look like a complete noob while ordering or asking about. Also is this the only place you can get high end liquor or is it readily availble on the main floor as well.

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 HedgedBettor responded on Wednesday, 1st February 2012

My snap response is, depends on the hotel you're staying at. I've played in high limit at the Luxor for example, which might as well not exist cause they don't have anything special in there. (The minimum at the table was also only $100 on a Saturday night, and it was empty, probably not a coincidence). Some places (like I believe Aria, though I'll have a better answer in about 7 days and 3 hours) try to push you towards their "house" top-shelf brands, in both vodka, scotch, etc. But generally I would ask for something really nice and if they won't give it to you there's no harm in asking. So ask for a Mac 25 and if they give you a 12 its not a catastrophe at all.

 ditkartr replied on Wednesday, 1st February 2012

Good to know. I'll just ask and take what they bring. (not that I'll know the difference anyway)

 HedgedBettor replied on Wednesday, 1st February 2012

If you're just getting into scotch, you might be better off asking for a quality blended scotch. Johnnie Gold or Blue, Chivas 18 or 25...these are great scotches, and while single-malt purists might sniff that they have less character than a single malt, you get more consistent quality and you're not going to get caught out trying to sound like a scotch expert and failing. I've been learning scotch over the past 18 months or so and I'm only just starting to move past the blends, so there's my two cents.

 ditkartr replied on Wednesday, 1st February 2012

Thanks for the advice. I've had some glenlivet 12 or 18 and it was good. I mostly just drink beer so this is all new to me.

 bigdaddyj replied on Wednesday, 1st February 2012

Though it depends where you go, most any high-limit room worth its table minimums should be able to offer you at least Glenfiddich, Glenlivet or Macallan 12 no problem; 18 year old or older of those three should also probably not be a problem, at least from an availability standpoint...that is, unless your buy-in is very small & you're grinding at the table minimums and they can tell you're just in the high-limit room to get an expensive glass of scotch free moreso than to gamble, but as long as you're throwing down a couple of hundred or more a hand and look like you've bought in enough to stay a while I can't see them giving you a problem...that being said, I've found most places on the strip also carry Oban 14, or if you want to try something slightly more exotic & boldly flavored, real Scotch drinkers Scotch, ask for a Laphroaig or a Lagavulin...I think, though, unless you're an established customer or throwing down serious amounts most places will probably scoff if you ask for anything too vintage or exotic...12 year old single-malt, Johnnie walker black or Chivas 12? No Problem; Johnnie Walker Blue or Chivas 25, or any single malt over 18 years old? You might get rebuffed. But as Hedged said, it never hurts to ask...

 ditkartr responded on Wednesday, 1st February 2012

So let's say your a $25 player on the strip, can you get a glenlivet or glenfiddich on the main floor? I think it's easier being turned down by the drinnk girl rather than a look like a fool in front of guys that have will have a whole lot more money than me on the table.

 vinnievegas responded on Thursday, 2nd February 2012

J&B, Dewars, etc seems to be commonplace on the main floor and vp bars now. Most places seem to have tightened up what they are willing to comp. I used to be able to get Glen Livet 12 several places, but now many say they cannot comp it anymore.

In the high limit rooms I have had no problem starting with Glen Livet 15 or Macallan 12. NYNY high limit has $1 video poker and has become one of my favorite places to play and drink some good scotch. MGM high limit slot room serves Macallan 15 year when I have been playing $5 slots.

Don't hesitate to ask the cw or bartender what they have available.

 Halton responded on Thursday, 2nd February 2012

It might be cheaper to just pay $50/glass for what you want. With only a couple people at a blackjack table, you are looking at more than one hand per minute. If you are playing $100/hand and have to wait 7 minutes for the drink girl to make an order and 7 minutes for your drink to arrive, you just put at risk over $1500. If you play perfect blackjack strategy I'd still say you still have a >50% chance of being down at least $100.

Assuming the high limit room also brings pleasure to you, it may be worth it. From a pure mathematical approach, let me suggest the following to lower your risk of losing too much money.

Assumption: >50% chance of losing $100 or more to get a $50 drink

1) Take $50 and make a blackjack wager using perfect strategy.
2) If you win, take the $50 winning and buy yourself the drink with the house's money.
3) If you lose, take another $50 and buy your drink.

This way, you have no risk of spending more than $100 for the drink with a mathematically similar chance of getting it for free.

PS -- When playing in the high limit room and the cocktail girl brings you a $50 drink she isn't expecting a $1 tip. I think $5-$10 is more appropriate.

 ditkartr replied on Thursday, 2nd February 2012

Good call on the buying it and reducing my expected loss. I have no idea if I would even like that drink just had an idea of feeling like a big shot for a few minutes. I did guess on the 5 to 10 dollar tip though. Any other ideas on how to seem very important while in vegas to enhance the experience. HaHa. Most of the time we just slum it and have a great time playing Blackjack and drinking cheap beer.

 oldrichgreywolf replied on Friday, 3rd February 2012

Mr. Halton is on to it here...Just go ahead and pony-up for your booze and then be sure to tip well, especially if you ever hope to see the drinkgirl again. Also, there's no such thing as "free", of course, somebody pays for that stuff somewhere. I usually end up playing more and not as intelligently if I've been self-medicated with high-quality bigboy drinks in a lovely setting. Play, Pay, Prosper, you're always just buying "entertainment value" anyway, not really trying to enter the ranks of UltraHighnetworths upon the backs of the casino or the waitress, although that last comment brings to mind another topic,we shall not speak of here! Peace.

 red32 responded on Saturday, 18th February 2012

In my experience you can get top shelf drinks just abount at any area where the limits are $25 to 50 on table games. In my opinion the waitress can get you whatever the top end that they have, she has the decision power. the penny slots have pabst blue ribbion as top shelf(they still are bragging about that ribbon from 1898), the floor has bud light and the high limit room has stella ambose. The key is to be in good with the waitress. $5 tip for any bevarage and being a pleasant person or a good natured goofy drunk will go a long way. If your winning a little higher tip is okay. the higher the limit area you are in (less people) and the better tipper you are will get you your drinks a lot faster. Once at the ventian I was drinking Crown & water, after 2 rounds, $10 in tips, and some light banter the waitress brought me some Crown Reseve and water. She got a little better tip for the next 3 or 4 rounds. As for the scotch I cant say, I'm a bourbon/whiskey or vodka guy.

 shantytownbrown responded on Friday, 25th May 2012

(my first post here btw)

I cannot comment on the "high-limit" aspect of the OP's question
However, In our expererience, at Aria and Bellagio at some of the VP bars (@Aria specifically the one near the Skybox)..we were drinking fairly good whiskey for a $20 buy-in 5 coin max bet 25c VP...we chatted it up with the bartender and found out he would pour (per policy) anything under $14/glass...they had lots to choose from last summer...can anyone confirm this is still the policies here

(interesting enough tho, this policy does NOT carry thru to other MGM prop's)

for us this included, but was not limited to : Macallan 12, Glenmorangie 12, Auchentoshon 10, Laphroig 10, JW Black, many great Bourbons...

So you are a whisk(e)y noob...welcome abord...!!

Here's some quick advice:

!. Age statements dont always predict quality, but often i have had great young whiskies, but fantastic older ones, and some mediocre old stuff

2. IMHO, you can can way more for your money with Single Barrell and Small Batch Bourbons than you can with Scotch Whisky...different taste profile, but worth a try...and age surely plays less of a roll here, 4-10year olds are fine (this is up for debate in the bourbon scene no doubt) and you support a US made product!

Look up some better Bourbons, a) you'll look like just as much a big shot, and b) at $14/glass, you'll have more to choose from...and you wont need to do it in the high limit room, unless you want to...(Evan William Single barrel, elijia craig, eagle rare, Wild Turkey(esp the higher end ones-rare breed, russell reserve) Blanton's, **this one:: anything by VanWinkle*** (that would be tops if you can get it-we were drinking VW Rye at bellagio-look for it!) Van Winkle will make you look knowledgeable and high class if you ask for it..

If you want to stick with affordable Single Malts that wont scare you advice is
anything Glenmorangie or Macallan, shoot for 18+ yo if you can , but 12 is fine, Glenlivet i would stick with older than 18 to get the better stuff, i think their 12 is too light(IMHO), If they have Deanston, Glenfarclas, Glen Rothes, all worth a try even if only the 10y.o's



 fatbastard responded on Sunday, 10th February 2013

I'm not a huge scotch drinker - but Glenlivet Nadurra is the cat's ass. Real nice sippin stuff. No ice - just a dash of water.