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The Joy of the Ellis Island Brewery!

Last edit: LAvegasphile on Thursday, 5th August 2010 11:27 am
Last response by Muskeg 4th August 8:24pm

I don't know about you guys, but it has become a tradition for me every Vegas trip to stop in at Ellis Island AT LEAST once not only for the steak special but for the unbelievably cheap and tasty microbrews. $1.50 for a tall ice cold fantastic Hefeweizen, all day every day! Travel a half mile west to the strip and that would be like 7 bucks! Ellis Island will always be my fav spot to get "warmed up" for the evening.

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 jinx73 responded on Thursday, 5th August 2010

It's on my list of to dos to hit Ellis Island on a trip, I'm actually hoping they are making their eggnog by the time I go in November as I've always wanted to try theirs anyway.

 RockChickX51 responded on Thursday, 5th August 2010

Every time I go to Vegas I always tell myself "We're going to do the $6.95 steak special" and we never do it.
It's one of the few "lots of food for dirt cheap" Vegas bargains that are left. The town has turned into an expensive culinary capital and for those of us that aren't foodies, it sucks. We're limited to food courts.
I wish the old bargains would come back. A $50 "pre-fixe" special isn't really a deal.....especially when you can't pronouce or spell half the crap involved in the meal.

I'm still making it a point to eat at Stack and Fix next time I'm in Vegas though. I've always wanted to check those two restaurants out. They serve the same American fare, just done up a little bit.

 prideworks replied on Monday, 25th April 2011

I've been to Vegas twice and had the steak special both times; very good. Also, the best "after drinkin'" breakfast was the cafe at Bill's Gamblin Hall. Any meal that costs more than $20 is off the budget for this low-roller.

 rbg81601 responded on Thursday, 5th August 2010

Stack is tremendous! Not only the food, but the sauces that come with the food! And the cherry creme brulee dessert is really great. And, if you make a reservation at Stack for sometime in the future while you are eating there they give you 20% off your meal!

 sinecure responded on Thursday, 5th August 2010

That place has been on our list for YEARS, and never quite made it there... although with each trip it keeps getting higher and higher on the list. I think our next trip it may just have to happen!

I'm actually more interested in the beer and root beer than I am the steak.

 LAvegasphile replied on Friday, 6th August 2010

All of the above are great! The homemade rootbeer is the best I have ever had, and their Hef is second to none. The steak meal is the best 7 bucks you will ever spend! A generous sirloin, mashed/baked potato, salad, bread AND the beer!

 jucifers responded on Thursday, 5th August 2010

I'm flying in next month and staying at the Wynn Tower Suites, but I'll be certain to rent a limousine to visit Ellis Island and save some money on ther $6.99 steak and $1 beers. I love to save money even though I work for the governmint.

 LAvegasphile replied on Friday, 6th August 2010

haha that's long as you already know that Ellis Island is not even in the same universe as the Wynn. Your limo will probably catch the ire of the homeless guy on the corner lol

 ndfanwabashman responded on Thursday, 5th August 2010

What's crazy is you don't even have to pay $1.50 for the ice cold tall draft beers, you can play 3:2 blackjack with a $5 minimum and get them for free! Go on a weekend night, plunk down some cash at the blackjack table or play some $5 craps while waiting for the steak special and fill up on their microbrews.

Also, if you've had the steak, don't miss the BBQ. The steak may be the steal, but the ribs are the true prize. I honestly wish they had their own hotel and I would consider staying. However, the last time we visited there were three people on the curb outside the Motel getting arrested while we walked in. It currently does not scream safety.

 LAvegasphile replied on Friday, 6th August 2010

I always forget about the BBQ but I will not allow myself to forget this time! And yes I love their little craps table my friends and I usually have it to ourselves which is so much fun!

 tholdren replied on Monday, 16th April 2012

Ice Cold draft beers = dumb ass. Any beer Ice cold = dumb ass

the flavor of beer does not get released until close to room temp.

Ice cold beer = drinking Natural Ice so you cannot taste the separation of water and alcohol.

 MizzouGypsy responded on Saturday, 28th August 2010

They is also $1 margaritas and a pretty serious karaoke room.

My friends got in a fight with security at Ellis Island about a year arrest for indecent exposure was all that came of it. Yeah, you can't hang out at the bar with your pants around your knees for very long before you're forcibly removed.

Still, nobody got 86'd.

 mappy responded on Thursday, 9th February 2012

Looking forward to see good beers at Ellis island on my trip in march

 Muskeg responded on Tuesday, 4th August 2015

Ellis Island is always a must-do, mostly because we always have loads of coupons to play there ($5 match play, 3 free rounds at the bar, play thru $10 to get to play their $10-$100 free play game), but mostly we go there for the cafe. THEIR CLUB SAMMICHES RULE! Their beer is really good too. Ellis Island is the karaoke king of Vegas as well, if that floats your schnapps. Steak dinner for $7.99? You bet!